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In the sports competition, the objective environment does affect the results to a great extent. There are various outdoor factors that will affect the competition, one of the most important influencing factors is the lighting condition.Bright lights on the sport field are absolutely necessary. They can provide enough lighting for the game and others on the field, but also benefit fans, players, TV stations and administration. Yaham Lighting always gives you the best quality sports lighting products at the most affordable price,including LED High Mast Light,LED Flood Light and LED Area Light.We have sufficient lighting design experiences that can assist your sports lighting projects better.

Football court lighting

Football court

With the growing popularity of football around the world, the number of football leisure leagues has also increased. Nowadays, football fields have appeared in various places, and some football activities take place at night, so effective lighting can maximize the opportunity of people participating in the game, as well as provide a number of benefits to the fans, players, and administration. Such as flexible arrangements for events, spectators and visitors moving in and out in the venue easily and safely, and enhancement of the fans’ experience.

Football lighting is governed under various national and international standards, depending on the training and competition level of the football club.English FA and European Football Standards, as well as FIFA and UEFA have varied lighting sets and categories.Using LED lights,could realize football lighting standards and creating a more sustainable football stadium.High quality LED lighting can make a significance difference to the overall playing experience and visual comfort.In addition to the excellent experience provided by their high-quality light output, they also offer great energy savings.

Hockey field lighting

Hockey field

Field hockey is a popular competitive team sport played all around the world which is played on a grass or turf field with teams of 11 players including the goalie.High quality illumination is essential for sports like hockey where athletes are required to move quickly on a small but fast-moving ball. This demands the uniform light distribution and the color temperature that matches the daylight.

On the one hand,proper lighting can ensure the safety of players and others involved in the game,provide better viewing effects for spectators and television where applicable simultaneously;On the other hand,ensure the effective use of money spent on capital and operating costs over time and make the game can also be played at night.The quality of hockey club illumination mainly depends on the level of illuminance, illuminance uniformity and glare control degree.

Tennis court lighting

Tennis court

Tennis is usually divided into singles and doubles. It is a traditional sport that has high requirements for strength and speed. Professional athletes can hit the ball at speeds above 200km/h. Tennis balls are smaller and faster. Especially when playing at night, it is difficult to judge the position of tennis balls.The poor lighting effect will greatly affect the performance of athletes.

For tennis courts, professional tennis court lighting is essential!The lighting standards for illuminating tennis courts changes based on the standard of play ranging from recreational to professional levels.Modern tennis courts not only require that all kinds of tennis equipment are perfect,but also need a good sports lighting environment, that is proper and uniform illumination and brightness. It should be ensured that the light acts on the eyes of tennis players, referees, spectators, and produces vision effect to view all the objects on the tennis court.The brightness of the venue environment and the color of the surface of the court,also affect the state of tennis players during exercise and the atmosphere of the tennis court. Therefore, good sports lighting plays an important role in modern tennis courts.

There are many benefits of having a good illumination in the tennis court, for example, it can be opened at night or in cloudy days extending the playing time, so more players and coaches will use the venue. This means that providing a proper lighting system for Tennis Court Lighting becomes more profitable.

Rugby field lighting

Rugby field

In 1823 William Webb Ellis, a pupil at Rugby School, defied the conventions of the day (that the ball may only be kicked forward) to pick up the ball and run with it in a game, thus creating the distinct handling game of rugby football.While it is known that Webb Ellis was a student at Rugby School at the time, there is no direct evidence of the actual event’s having taken place, though it was cited by the Old Rugbeian Society in an 1897 report on the origins of the game. Nevertheless, Rugby School, whose name has been given to the sport, was pivotal in the development of rugby football.

Generally,the lighting for rugby field should provide uniform illumination over the full pitch. It should also ensure that the full flight of the ball is visible while providing good viewing conditions for players, officials and spectators.Changes in illuminance levels can create difficulties in judging the speed and the trajectory of the playing object.

In the provision of any lighting system, thought should be given to reduce visual obstruction of the event for spectators wherever possible.Care should be taken to ensure that shadows are not cast onto the pitch from floodlights located behind grandstand rooflines.

Athletics field

Athletics is one of the oldest sports in humankind and often used synonymously with any sporting activity, but in most cases, athletics refers primarily to track and field events that involving running, jumping or throwing.In fact, Olympic Games as we know it today developed from the ancient track and field events that very being held in Ancient Greece.

When lighting an athletic track and field,the objective is to ensure athletes, referees and team officials have a good visibility to see clearly all that is going on in the competition or training area.This is conducive to the best performance of athletes, the referee can make accurate judgments based on the situation. Spectators on the field should be able to follow the performances of the athletes and other action in a satisfactory environment. Therefore,they must be able to see not only the field area but also its immediate surroundings. The lighting should also enable spectators to enter and leave the sports facilities safely.

Golf course
Golf is unlike other outdoor sports as it is not limited to a small playing area. A typical golf course covers 150 to 200 acres. Lighting a golf course is no easy task. This is why some golf course owners never bother to change the lighting

Powerful LED golf course lighting has brought about a revolution. It's made nighttime golf possible and economical. Not only for golfers who are able to play at night but also those who prefer the cooler temperatures. For golf course owners, this is a welcome change as the courses remain open long after the sun has set.

Golf balls travel fast, the average speed is 60-150 miles per hour, but it can be as high as 200 miles per hour. As the ball moves from the tee, it often goes beyond the illumination field as it gains altitude. One of the most important features of LED golf course lighting is its ability to evenly distribute and diffuse light. High uniformity means that the overall brightness levels are the same,that ensure they distribute light evenly and no bright spots. Diffused light usually dissipates with distance to prevent the light encroachment,allows you to easily capture the moving sphere.
With LED, you can avoid any buzzing or flickering lights.At the same time,it can save up to 75% energy, reduce maintenance costs and rebates.

Baseball&softball court lighting

Baseball&softball court

Baseball&softball is a unique sport. The size of a baseball&softball field entirely depends on the level of the game.For instance, a little league baseball&softball field has smaller dimensions. As the dimensions level increases, the size of the size continues to increase.The largest determining factor of how much light will be required is the size of the field.

Constructing a baseball&softball field is a huge undertaking. It requires careful planning with appropriate dimensions and standards. The same goes for lighting a baseball&softball field.A baseball&softball field has unique lighting needs because of its unique shape–it's shaped like a diamond. Each field needs custom solutions basing on its location, size, and level of play. The lighting requirements for the inner and outer fields are very different.Lighting professionals must design the illuminance values of the inner and outer fields to be different,and meet the average illuminance and average vertical illuminance,as well as the proportional coefficient of the horizontal illuminance and the uniformity of the vertical illuminance.

Swimming pool lighting

Swimming pool

Natatoriums provides a great place for swimming, exercising and even competition. With the development of swimming, the equipment requirements for the swimming pool are getting higher and higher when people are swimming in the swimming pool. Good venues, equipment and lighting can bring great fun to swimmers. However, the most important and the most difficult thing to deal with is lighting. Because it affects the safety of people who use the swimming pool as well as those responsible for the maintenance of the swimming pool. Particular attention should be paid to light reflections on the swimming pool surface and on its surroundings. The glare can cause discomfort or even dizziness to the pool attendant. A good swimming pool lighting system will offer three main aspects: reduced operating costs, better light output and water resistance.

With the continuous development of LED technology, swimming pool led lighting has become more attractive and interesting.Compared with the traditional similar products,they are more resistant, less heat emission, are less energy consumption and have a longer lifespan.Their durability is a key factor in the low maintenance cost of indoor swimming pool lighting systems.LED lighting can provide good lighting conditions for the audience to watch the game and HD broadcast. In terms of professionalism and feeling, the sensory experience requires a high swimming pool, the lighting must be glare-free, the brightness is uniform and the lighting is effectively controlled, so as to ensure that the swimmer can normally complete the game task, the LED lighting can be realized both all.

Ice hockey rink lighting

Ice hockey rink

The biggest challenge of the outdoor ice rink is that the weather could change at any moment. In case it snowed or rained heavily, the ice hockey tournament would have to be postponed.To make the hockey game held successfully, indoor hockey rink must be created.

Good lighting is essential for the indoor ice hockey rink. By replacing traditional lamps with LED lights, it may may result in 85%-90% electricity savings across the system. LED lights also last up to 10 times longer than traditional lights, reducing maintenance expenses and service life. The advantage of LEDs is that they can create perfectly uniform illumination,players can more easily capture and follow the rapid movement of the puck on the rink when they play on a well-lit rink. The bright lights allow fans to enter and exit safely,and the warm atmosphere created can enhances the experience for the fans and keeps fans coming back.Glare-free lighting can also helps cameras to capture all the action on the ice hockey rinks, allowing TV audience can clearly see everything that is going on. 

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