Yaham Lighting LED high bay light including linear high bay, round high bay adopts new materials(graphene) and new technology(POB). The light efficacy is up to 160lm/W~190lm/W, which is ideal replacements for 250W~600W metal halide fixtures. Intelligent control can be supported to provide the energy-efficient solution for your factories, warehouses, hangars, etc.
LED High Mast Lights are highly energy efficient lighting solution for various high mast applications, including stadiums, seaports, airports, plazas, highways, building facades. With professional designs, advanced optics, and rich experience, Yaham Lighting is always here ready to provide you the most reliable high mast lighting solutions.
LED Flood Light is designed for outdoor and indoor lighting purpose, and helps to improve visibility, enhance safety, and cut down energy consumption. Innovations and leading technologies can always be found in every of the flood lights, and that’s exactly what forms their unrivaled performance. Choose from Yaham portfolios, light better, save remarkably, and enjoy the great durability.
LED area lights have class-leading stability, high energy efficiency and functionality in its performance to suitable for various harsh environments. LED area light fixtures are usually used in lighting large outdoor space room, such as parking lots, building facades, field, construction sites, streets and courts. Different light distributions satisfy with different area lighting to get the precise lighting, so that guarantee the safety of activities in regional sites.
There are three types in LED street light with new technology, isolated driver, integrated driver and solar system. All of them adopts Nichia LED chip and professional roads lighting optical lens with high efficiency(150lm/W) and uniform light. Various wattages from 10W to 240W, which suitable for 3-12M poles, and kinds of roads lighting, including the off-grid area.
LED grow lights help plant growth and accelerate photosynthesis, saving considerable energy costs. The series of LED grow lights use precise wavelength and color ratios to provide uniform light distribution for optimal photosynthesis in plants. Its excellent product characteristics, from the beginning of seedling, growth and flowering control, to no chemical residues and pest control and prevention, etc.
The LED canopy lights can operate well in the environment of -40℃~+50℃, and can withstand general chemical washing. The humanized low UGR design for smooth evenly distributed light brings comfortable lighting experience for cold room, gas station, warehouse, factory, station, etc.
The LED commercial light covers common commercial lights such as downlights, panel lights, linear lights and base lights. Brightness dimming and CCT dimming functions are supported to creating an environment that fosters productivity and concentration, for a fraction of the energy consumption.
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