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Biosun-L LED Grow Light

Yaham Lighting full spectrum led grow lights help plant growth and accelerate photosynthesis, saving considerable energy costs. The series of LED grow lights use precise wavelength and color ratios to provide uniform light distribution for optimal photosynthesis in plants. The new generation of LED grow lights can save lots of power. Its excellent product characteristics, from the beginning of seedling, growth and flowering control, to no chemical residues and pest control and prevention, etc. Yaham full spectrum led grow light makes the plants to be flourish.

full spectrum led grow light

Biosun-L series


The new series of industrial design to meet indoor planting requirements, can be widely used in indoor top lighting. High-quality aluminum heat sink, which has good heat dissipation and improves the stability and durability of the lamp. The professional light distribution design makes the light more uniform and helps to provide light utilization. And can customize different light distribution for different crops, to achieve energy saving and high efficiency. It is the most ideal solution for vertical farms and tissue cultivation. Designed for multi-tier vertical farming environments, a reasonable lighting scheme ensures uniformity of illumination, and avoids to appear the differences sizes in the same crops area.


Customized full spectrum design acceptable on request 

Most efficient for photosynthesis full spectrum

Module design, easy for maintenance and replacement 

Energy saving, environmentally friendly 

Easy for transportation, lower shipping cost, lighter weight for greenhouse installation


Rated Wattage: 100W/150W/200W/300W/400W    600W/1200W
Spectrum: Full Spectrum
Efficiency: 2.5umol/J
PPF: 250/300/350/500/900umol/s    1300/1700umol/s
Beam Angle: 90°(60°,30° Optional)
Rated Voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz  AC100-277V, 50/60Hz
Operated Temp.: -40~+50℃


Growth of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and so on

Seeding, Rooting, Breeding, Flowering and Fruiting period 

Suitable Locations: Farm, Exhibition, Garden, Home, Urban, Bonsai, and University Lab

full spectrum led grow light

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