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LED High Bay Lights

Our LED high bay light including linear high bay, round high bay adopts new materials(graphene) and new technology(POB). The light efficacy is up to 160lm/W~190lm/W, which is ideal replacements for 250W~600W metal halide fixtures. Intelligent control can be supported to provide the energy-efficient solution for your factories, warehouses, hangars, etc.

What is LED high bay light?

LED high bay is professional lighting fixture for indoor areas, especially high ceiling areas. The hanging height is usually 5~10 meters. It is mainly used in factories, warehouses, indoor sports places, large transportation hubs and other areas. LED high bay is the first choice for indoor high ceiling lighting purpose due to its high light efficiency, stable performance, long lifespan, energy saving and small environmental impact.

The advantage of LED high bay light

For the end-users, the biggest advantage of LED high bay is energy saving and low maintenance cost.
LED high bay has high efficiency of 120~180lm/W, while traditional lighting fixtures, such as halogen light and xenon light, usually have a light efficiency of 70lm/W~90lm/W. Under the same lighting requirements, 150W LED high bay can replace 250W traditional lighting fixture. After replacement, each LED high bay can save 208kWh per year (Calculated based on 8 hours a day, 5 days a week), reduce 113kg of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2 emissions). And long lifespan (50,000~100,000 hours) of LED high bay will save huge bills for electricity bills in the long run.

The light distribution of LED high bay light

According to different applications, the light distribution of LED high bay is mainly divided into symmetrical light type and asymmetric light type. Most of the indoor high ceiling scenes use symmetrical light type light distribution to reach the high uniform lighting effect. Depending on the different mounting height, there will also be different light distribution angle requirements. The higher the mounting height, the narrower the light beam angle is needed to ensure that the specified ground illumination is achieved. Illumination requirements are different for different environments.

The installation of LED high bay light

The installation of LED high bay are commonly installed in the ring, bracket, pole, hook, wire rope and E39 screw. Different installation methods can be selected according to different situations, but the most important thing is to ensure the safety of person. If it is an area with frequent earthquakes or where it may be impacted by objects and where it may encounter strong winds, you can equip with a safety rope to reduce potential safety hazards.

The application of LED high bay light

In addition to general indoor high ceiling applications, LED high bay also has many special scene applications.

High temperature scene

The highest working temperature of LED high bay is generally 55℃, but for special high-temperature places, such as ironworks, cooking plants, high-pressure boiler plants, etc., the working environment temperature exceeds 55℃. At this time, more high-temperature-resistant LED high bay is required. The whole lighting fixture must be able to pass the high temperature test to confirm that it can work normally.

Food processing scene

The lighting fixtures of some food factories need to pass NSF certification to ensure that the materials of the fixtures are free of harmful substances, and that the fixtures can withstand high pressure and high temperature water.




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