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LED High Mast Lights

LED High Mast Lights are highly energy efficient lighting solution for various high mast applications, including stadiums, seaports, airports, plazas, highways, building facades. With professional designs, advanced optics, and rich experience, Yaham Lighting is always here ready to provide you the most reliable high mast lighting solutions.

What is LED high mast lighting?

High mast lights are a medium to large scale site light fixture which are commonly used to illuminate large areas from a very high mounting height and specially designed for large area lighting, especially the larger the area you want to light, the higher the installation requirements.

What is the application of LED high mast lights?

Due to the wide range of illumination of high mast lights, it is suitable for places that require large area illumination such as airport, seaport, stadium and other heavy-industry zones.

What is the features of LED high mast lights?

1. Energy Saving
It is well-known that the higher light output needs the higher wattage. As LED technology enhanced,the effectiveness of the lighting fixture enhanced along with this,high mast lights can realize to satisfy our light output with less watts.That can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90% and cut down costs,save energy consumption and maximize the use of light efficiency to meet multiple applications.
2. Good Lighting Performance
Proper lighting is crucial for sports broadcasting, especially with the advent of 4k and 8k televisions. High mast lights don’t flicker and maintains the brightness while suppressing the unwanted glare which won’t affect slow motion replays.The sufficient brightness allows the players, the referees and the spectators to watch the movement of the ball even if it moves at extremely high speeds.Meanwhile ensures a glare-free experience for broadcasters which allows them to pan further across the field and results in a clearer picture overall.For this reason,it can broadcast in ultra HD,work perfectly for fans who are in the stands or watching the game at home and enhancement of the fans’ experience.
3. Ensure Safety
Safety is paramount in all large-area lighting applications that should take the uniformity into lighting consideration.High mast lights can be mounted at considerable heights, thus rendering uniform illumination to the entire area,and their lenses will focus the light exactly where it needs to go.The brightness provide a number of benefits to the fans, players, and administration.Such as flexibility planning of matches, allow spectators and visitors to move in and out of the venue easily and safely.
4. Long Life Span
Sports venues are generally outdoors and often need to deal with the harsh external environment. The protection level of luminaire is particularly important. High mast lights generally use materials with a high level of protection to cope with extreme weather such as rain, snow, wind and so on.A good level of protection not only reduces maintenance costs, but also extends service life.
5. More Convenient
In order to facilitate installation and maintenance, most of the high mast lights use separable electrical boxes and tool-free disassembly.It makes us installation and maintenance quickly and more convenient.At the same time, some excellent high mast lights also be equipped with sights and adjustable dials,which can help us more accurately align the light where we need.

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