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LED Street Lights

High-quality Led street light wholesale from Yaham Lighting. Contact us for preferential price from leading led street light manufacturer in China. There are three types in LED street light with new technology, isolated driver, integrated driver and solar system. All of them adopts Nichia LED chip and professional roads lighting optical lens with high efficiency(150lm/W) and uniform light. Various wattages from 10W to 240W, which suitable for 3-12M poles, and kinds of roads lighting, including the off-grid area.

What is LED street light?

LED street light or road light is LED light fixture that is used for street lighting. LED street light has the advantages of high illumination, good uniformity and long lifespan, which is suitable for all outdoor street and road lighting, including motorway and pavement mainly use for non-motor vehicles and pedestrians. LED street light can help reduce traffic accidents and improve the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

The important parts of LED street light

LED street light is generally composed of lamp body, driver, LED chips, optical components and lamp arm. Due to the outdoor application of LED street light, the surrounding environment is more complex and has more corrosive substances and dust. Thus, high IP rating of LED street light is needed to cope with complex road environments. Compared with other LED lighting fixtures, the special design of LED street light is the lamp body, optical components and lamp arm.

The advantage of LED street light

Most of the traditional street lights are high pressure sodium lights. Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lights have obvious advantages.

Lighting efficiency

High pressure sodium light is 360° omnidirectional light, up to 45% to 55% of the light is wasted. And the LED light is directional light, so even adopts the secondary optical design, 85% of the luminous flux still reaches the road, which means LED light has higher lighting efficiency than high pressure sodium light. Moreover, the light efficiency of high pressure sodium light is generally around 100lm/W, while the light efficiency of LED street light is basically 120lm/W~140lm/W. If the luminous flux required on the road is 12000lm, the wattage of high pressure sodium light needs to reach 220W, while LED light only needs 120W, which can save a lot of energy.

CRI(Color Rendering Index)

The CRI of high pressure sodium light is Ra23~33, which leads to poor color reproduction of object and cannot help the drivers and pedestrians to distinguish the road conditions accurately. The CRI of LED light is usually higher than Ra75, which makes the color of the illuminated object more vivid and realistic, that can help drivers and pedestrians identify targets, at the same time, the road will look brighter and more comfortable, improving the road safety factor.

CCT(Correlated Color Temperature)

The CCT of high pressure sodium light is from 2300K to 3200K. The spectrum is relatively concentrated in yellow, which is prone to hypnosis mood. The CCT of LED light is covering 2700K~5700K. You can choose the appropriate color temperature according to the needs of different road environments to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

Light Distribution

After the secondary optical design of the LED street light, the light distribution can be controlled. The symmetrical batwing distribution helps to improve the average intensity of the street light and the uniformity of lighting, and eliminate the zebra effect on the road.

The lifespan of high pressure sodium light is about 20,000 hours, and the light decay is serious. After working for 1,000 hours, the light decay is 30%. The ground illuminance will decrease sharply due to the light decay. In order to keep bright, it needs frequent replacement. While the lifespan of LED street light is as long as 100,000 hours (TM-21 L70), which can provide long-lasting and bright lighting. Longer lifespan also means lower maintenance and replacement costs.

The installation of LED street light

The common installation methods of LED street lights are pole installation, wall installation and hanging installation. Different installation methods can be selected according to different situations. The most important thing is to ensure that the illumination meets the local lighting standards and ensure the safety of the lighting fixtures.

The intelligent control  functions

The intelligent control functions of LED street lights include automatic switching, brightness adjustment, and PIR sensing, which can greatly save power, reduce light waste and light pollution.

The application of LED street light

According to the function of road use, urban roads can be divided into two types: motorway and pavement. Motorway can be divided into expressway and tertiary road: major road, collection road and local road.

Solar LED street light

Solar LED street light is the street light that uses solar energy to generate electricity. It is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than ordinary LED street lights. However, due to the Generation efficiency limitation, the wattage of solar LED street light is generally small, which is more suitable for local road lighting.
Solar LED street light is generally divided into solar panel separated LED street light and solar panel integrated LED street lights.
The installation of solar panel separated street light is complicated, but the solar panels can be adjusted according to the lighting angle of different areas to obtain more solar energy. The wattage of the solar panel separated street light can be larger than the solar street integrated light. Solar panel Integrated street light is easy to install, but the wattage is generally smaller than solar panel separated street light, which is suitable for walkways, sidewalks and paths.
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