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Slim (Solar) LED Street Light

Slim LED street light, with 3 types, integrated driver,isolated driver and solar system, all of them are made of die-cast technology with the same material, and different power supply system to meet more different area requirements.

30W slim LED street light

Heat Sink

Integrated Die-casting aluminum body, small and exquisite appearance. Streamlined housing to avoid dust accumulation and rain-washing convenience and ensure better heat dissipation.

60W slim LED street light


PC lens, light transmittance >90%, Flammability rating: UL94-V0. 55°×145°, 65°×150°, 75°×150° beam angle optional.

60W slim LED street light

Smart control

Optional light sensor plug-in, extensive energy saving.


Integrated driver version:15W/30W/60W

Isolated driver version: 10W/30W/60W
Light efficacy up to 150lm/W
CCT: 5000K (3000K/4000K Optional)
CRI: Ra75 (Ra85 optional)
Beam angle: 65°×150°(10W/15W), 55°×145°(30W),75°×150°(60W)
IP66 protection rating
5 years warranty
LED lifespan > 100,000 hours(TM-21 L70 )
Operating temp -40~+50℃

Electrical: AC100-120V/200-240V/100-277V, 50/60Hz, PF≥0.95

Outer Mounting Diameter in mm for 60W: 60mm(50mm-60mm)
Outer Mounting Diameter in mm for 10W/15W/30W: 48mm(38mm-48mm)

Slim LED Street Light is suitable for park, garden, courtyard, residential streets, rural road and other lighting purposes, etc.
10KV Surge Protection
Daylight sensor control
Silver gray, dark grey, optional

Slim LED Street Light Solar System


100% powered by sun, no fossil fuel consumption or air pollution

Working Mode

PS: The intelligent system will prioritize the mode by set

solar LED street light working mode



Light efficacy up to 150lm/W
Luminaire lumens up to 8,400lm
CCT: 5000K (2700K/3000K/4000K/5700K Optional)
CRI: Ra75 (Ra85 optional)
Beam angle: 65°×150° (10W), 55°×145° (30W), 75°×150° (60W)

Working hours: 2x8h(10W), 3x8h (10W), 2x8h(30W), 3x8h(30W), 1x8h (30W),  2x8h (60W)
Solar PanelMonocrystalline silicon

Solar Cell Efficiency: Min18%

Battery Chemistry: LiFePO4

Battery Capacity: 12Ah(10W 2ⅹ8h)/24Ah(10W 3ⅹ8h/ 30W 1ⅹ8h)/ 42Ah(30W 2ⅹ8h)/ 66Ah(30W 1ⅹ8h)/ 84Ah(60W 2ⅹ8h)

Operating Temp: 0℃~50℃

Operating Humidity: 15%~90% RH
Warranty: 5 years for lamp; 3 years for battery

Recommended Pole Height: 3-6 Meters
Lamp Arm Adaptor: Built-inside light fixture
Panel Brackets: Unified with solar panel


solar LED street light structure

Subject to change without notice.

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