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200W Led High Bay Lights Price

by YAHAM Lighting | Oct 12, 2018 | Lighting products | 948

200w LED high bay light is a high power high bay light for industrial lighting applications. There are many LED High Bay Lights in the market and the price varies. As a consumer, it is difficult to find the most important factors that affect the led high bay lights price, thus it is difficult to choose the right high bay lights. But in general, ”good quality always has good price”. Below we will introduce 6 most important factors that decides 200w led high bay lights price.

200w led high bay lights price

Factors on 200w Led High Bay Lights Price

1. Brand  Premium

LED High Bay lights price is positively correlated with Brand Premium. Consumers are likely to pay more for world famous Brands. So leading brands tends to sale with more profits, eg, Apple and Samsung in Handphone industry.

2. LED chips

High quality LED chips with over 100,000hrs tested lifetime, while regular LED chip has a test life of only 50,000 hours or even lower. Some LED high bay lighting manufacturers that dump at low prices may use poor quality chips, because most customers will not test them, and it can hardly be found in the beginning. However, the poor quality will not last long, the lamp may fail soon after installation.

Here we’d love to share some well-known LED chips brands:
Japan: Nichia, Toyoda, Gosei (YAHAMS LED highbay light adopts Nichia LED)
China: San’an, LatticePower
United States: CREE, Lumileds, GE (GeLcore), BridgeLux
Germany: Osram
Korea: SEOUL, SSC, Samsung
Taiwan: Edison, Everlight Electronics, Crystal ES

3. Heat sink

The heat sink not only determines the appearance of the LED high bay light, but also determines its heat dissipation effect. Heat dissipation effect greatly affects the life of the high bay light. Why is the cooling effect so important for high bay lights? High-power lighting fixtures have very high heat, which is different from the small downlights and small bulbs that delivers less heat. 

The main heat sink processing methods of LED lamps are: die casting, extrusion, forging.
Die Casting: A metal casting process characterized by the use of a mold cavity to apply high pressure to the molten metal. Molds are usually machined from higher strength alloys, some of which are similar to injection molding.

200w led high bay lights price

Features: various shapes, heat dissipation capacity is slightly worse than profiles and forging, the weight is slightly heavier than the other two categories, the general grade is ADC12.

Extrusion aluminum: A press working method in which a billet placed in a female mold is pressed by a punch or a punch to cause plastic flow to obtain a part corresponding to the shape of the mold or the concave-convex mold. When extruded, the billet produces a three-way compressive stress, even if the billet is less plastic, it can be extruded.

200w led high bay lights price

Features: The same shape is cut into different lengths, the shape is simpler, the heat dissipation capacity is better than that of die casting, and the general grade is Al6030.

Forging is a combination of forging and stamping, and is a forming method for forming a part of a desired shape and size by using a hammer head, an anvil, a punch or a punching force of a forging machine to apply pressure to a blank to cause plastic deformation.

200w led high bay lights price

Features: generally designed into a cake type, the shape of the pattern is slightly more than the profile, the best in the three types of heat dissipation, the lightest weight, the general grade is AL7012.

4. LED Driver

The LED high bay light driver affects the fixture price greatly. High quality LED driver provides high current regulation and various protections to led high bay lights, while cheap driver has very unstable current and easily get short circuit or even explosion. Quality should be put first, and low-quality high bay lights should be avoided.

5. Sales Channels

LED High Bay lights price is positively correlated with Sales Channels. LED High Bay Lights usually go through quite many channels before they are delivered to final users. The more channels they go through, the more higher the price.

6. Services

The pre-sales and after-sales service matter a lot in lighting industry. Professional simulations and advices, timely response for product issues and high efficient after-sales service are just as important as the product itself.

Some large LED high bay light manufacturers have good service guarantees. LED high bay lights have a five-year warranty.

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