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Factory Lighting, be sure to choose this way!

by YAHAM | Oct 10, 2018 | Company news | 357

Factory lighting is the most common scene in Industrial lighting. In recent years, more and more factories have realized the importance of factory lighting, but facing with various luminaire choices, the factory owners often get confused on how to choose. So, for the factory, what kind of lighting is in line with its own needs? How to choose the right lighting solution provider?

Firstly-Be economical

Increase income and reduce expenditure are the two most important aspects of industrial production. For most countries, industrial electricity is costly. Therefore, energy-saving lighting is the first choice for factory lighting. LED lighting is universally accepted as energy-saving lighting.

Factory lighting

Furthermore, high efficacy LED lighting means more energy saving. In the case of the same lighting needs, higher efficacy lighting can replace lighting with larger wattage but lower efficacy. On the other hand, higher efficacy is not always better. Sometimes higher efficacy brings higher UGR, and high UGR will cause discomfort to the operator's eyes. 130lm/W~160lm/W is an ideal range of light efficacy.

Factory lighting

On the basis of selecting high efficacy LED lighting, the intelligent lighting control system can achieve even more energy saving and improve management efficiency.

intelligent lighting control system

Secondly-Be Effortlessly

The lighting solution provider with good qualifications and accumulated rich cases can quickly provide the best lighting solutions according to the needs of the factory. It will save a lot of time and energy for the factory and achieve superb results.

Thirdly-Once for All

Due to the large horizontal span and the high single-story of factory building, it takes a lot of cost to replace the broken lighting. Therefore, when purchasing lighting equipment, it is best to choose a lighting solution provider that has passed relevant certification, long warranty guarantee and strict QC. Once for all.

Although new technologies and new products in the field of lighting are emerging in endlessly, for practical applications, the three points that need to be considered are to be economical, effortlessly and once and for all. The factory can select and procure lighting fixtures based on these three aspects.

Yaham Lighting has thousands of factory lighting cases around the world, such as FAW automobile production factory, Baic automobile enterprise assembly factory, Spain Citroen automobile repair factory, and Australian food processing factory, etc, so that Yaham Lighting has various kinds of project experiences. Yaham Lighting always insists on providing high-quality, high-efficacy, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting and professional lighting solutions to provide you with the best service.

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