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Phoenix Mountain tunnel opened to traffic, Yaham lighting accepted inspection

by YAHAM | Nov 01, 2018 | Lighting projects | 156

Recently, what the most important information on Guangzhou WeChat public account is Phoenix Mountain Tunnel was opened to traffic. It is one more express road to be choice for citizen to Guangzhou City centre from Zengcheng District and Huizhou. Now it just takes half an hour to city centre instead of two hours, means a lot significance for speeding up the formation of Guangzhou traffic layout.

The LED Tunnel light made of aluminum alloy material, modular and borderless, with high efficiency, good heat dissipation performance and long warranty. In terms of beam angle, the lights adopt a professional tunnel light distribution design to ensure the safety of driving. In the terms of control, it adopts RS485 intelligent lighting control system, which can achieve centralized control, and more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Besides, Practice has proved, this tunnel light is easy to install, and convenient to maintenance. It is the best choice for tunnel lighting.

For LED Tunnel Light, Yaham lighting set up a R&D team to study up kinds of tunnel lighting solutions. To ensure good uniformity of target areas, not only requires sufficient illumination uniformity, but also need great vertical illumination, and therefore the light distribution are particularly important. In the meantime, to ensure the driver's visual comfort, light luminous glare requirements are higher, and the uncomfortable glare or disabling glare by direct light to should be avoided. Yaham Lighting focuses on more high-quality LED lights to tunnel lighting through continuous innovation of products and optimization of lighting solutions.
Yaham Lighting, as top-quality supplier of LED lights in China, its products are sold well in more than 200 countries and regions, and will always insist on continuous innovation to obtain further achievements.

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