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Why is 400w LED flood light popular?

by YAHAM | Nov 14, 2018 | Lighting products | 1232

It turns out 400w LED flood light has been one of the most searched keywords in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), and one of the best sold high power LED Flood lights. Quite a lot users and electrical contractors are inquiring 400w luminaires for their sports courts, parking lots and indoor arenas. Why is 400w LED flood light so fond by customers?

400w LED flood light

LED is considered as one of the latest and most energy-saving lighting source in recent days. During to the continuous upgrade of LED technology, the efficacy is growing fastly, and becomes far higher than traditional Halogen/HPS Lights (Generally 40-70lm/Watt). So people began to replace the traditional lights with LED lights, in the same time, they directly use LED lights in new constructions.

400w LED Flood Light that delivers about 20,000LM is used to replace 2000w Metal Halide Lights, which had been widely used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications, especially in Tennis courts, Playgrounds, Parking Lots, large open areas, and Highways. 

As there are quite many choices, how to choose the ideal 400w LED flood lights becomes a question. Here Yaham Lighting offers a reference of ideal 400w flood lights and some practical advices.

Simple 400W LED Flood Light Reference

Rated Wattage: 400w
Rated Voltage: Universal 100-277V AC or High Voltage 347-470V AC
Material/Construction: Forging Aluminum Heat Sink, PC Lens, Tool-less design
Color Temperature: 5000K (3000K, 4000K, 6000K Optional)
Beam Angle: 19° ( 30°, 60°, 90° Optional)
Intelligent Control: 0-10V, Daylight Sensor, Janus Control, etc.
Driver Option: Separable Driver (Driver on Fixture for Option)
Rating: IP65, IK10, Wind-proof, 20KV surge Protection
Warranty: 5 Years Limited Warranty, 24Hrs/7Days.
Applications: Televised& Non-televised Sport stadiums, Airports, Harbors, Squares, Highways, etc.

400w LED flood light

By above reference, it’s easy to figure out the most important factors to choose the ideal 400w LED flood lights, any they are:
1. Constructions
Reasonable design is the first and most important factor to decide the quality as well as the price of LED Luminaires. For ideal heat dissipation, most LED floodlights adopt Aluminum heat sinks processed by Die Casting or Forging, and some leading manufacturers may use advanced graphene as thermal conductive materials. To save labors, it’s suggested to choose a 400w led flood light with tool-less design and on-ground maintenance features.

2. Beam Angle
Beam angle is important, because it decides how many lights can be actually utilized in the desired areas. A proper beam angle maximizes the light efficiency, and helps to avoid spill light and light pollution to neighbors.

For example, a wide 90degree beam angle works well in parking lot, but for football courts, you may need a narrower beam angle with asymmetric distribution, like 20degree. For Yaham Lighting, every beam angle is designed with its designed applications, so we can suggested you the best led floodlights as soon as we know the application.

3. Quality:
Quality is essential for LED Luminaires. It’s suggested to purchase from reliable suppliers and test some samples before buy large quantities. It may take time, but worth, no one wants to change the floodlights or repair them every day. 

Generally, LED Lights lasts more than 100,000Hours, and offers 5 years warranty. There are also safety and Efficiency certifications in most Countries, eg, SAA, PSE, ETL, etc. It’s always better to choose these with approvals.

4. Smart Lighting
Smart Lighting is getting popular, because it’s more energy-saving and intelligent. It helps to manage and monitor the working status of luminaires, and saves on labor. Yaham Lighting developed Janus Intelligent Lighting Control System, a mature and professional smart lighting system based on PLC Technology, for industrial and outdoor lighting. You may always come to Yaham for a smart lighting solution.

400w LED flood light

Have above factors in mind, you are more likely to get the ideal 400w led flood light that fulfill your lighting requirements. And you if you want a professional flood lighting solution and supreme floodlights, please feel free to contact us.

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