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How to choose a reliable Chinese LED high bay light factory

by YAHAM | Dec 21, 2018 | Company news | 474

Many agents around the world and customers who need to purchase LED high bay lights will face a difficult problem when they come to China to choose a supply factory, that is, how to choose a reliable factory. As an industry leading manufacturer of LED high bay light, Yaham Lighting advice you to consider the following factors.

1. Factory establishment time

The establishment time is a fact that a LED High Bay Light factory cannot change, and it is also a witness of a company's manufacturing experience in the industry. The establishment of factories in China is generally not long. Therefore, the establishment of a LED high bay light factory can reflect its reliability.

2. Number of factory employees

China is a populous country and is also known as the "world factory." However, the quality of LED high bay lights produced by many small factories is always poor. When Choosing a manufacture, it’s important to check the number of its employees. This provides a lot of protection for the lighting products we produce.

3. Factory Reputation in Lighting Industry
If you know that a factory is well known in the manufacturing industry, or has a lot of visibility in LED high bay light manufacturing, then it may be your better choice. However, you must be very familiar with LED High Bay Light Industry to choose a more well-known factory.

4. product supply case
If it is difficult to source the manufacturer information from the outside, the product supply case will be an important way to understand the reliability of the factory. Because there are a lot of demanders similar to yours, the factory has already been carefully evaluated. So you can choose this factory without worry. The premise is that those supply cases must be true.

5. after-sales service
After-sales service is indispensable, all products may have problems. If there is no after-sales service, the value of LED lights will be greatly reduced accordingly. Therefore, high-quality after-sales service can greatly reduce the difficulty of customers' use. After a failure, it can be quickly resolved without affecting the normal use of the customer.
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