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How many high bay lights do you need for industrial lighting?

by YAHAM Lighting | Sep 29, 2018 | Company news | 291

The factors affecting the number of highbay lights in industrial lighting rooms are:
1. Locations. Common applications for highbay lights include warehouses, workshops, exhibition halls, etc. Different application requires different brightness.
2. Lamp Power and luminous flux of highbay lights
3. Space utilization coefficient and maintenance coefficient

Generally, the following formula can be used for rough calculation: Average illuminance (Eav) = single luminaire flux Φ × number of luminaires (N) × space utilization factor (CU) × maintenance factor (K) ÷ floor area (length × width).
highbay lights in industrial lighting rooms
Power density selection: The recommended power density for traditional MH/HID lamps is about 10-30 watts / square meter, and for led lighting, 3-12watts / square meter would be ideal. For general office lighting by LED, 3-7 watts / square meter would achieve more than 300lx on floor. And for hotel shopping malls, where requires higher brightness of more than 500lx, it can be designed to 5-12 watts/square meter.

Here is an example. A machining workshop has a dimension of 60m length, 30m width and 8m height, and with a work-plane height of 0.8m. The ceiling is cement soil structure and the walls are painted white. By prudent consideration, the owners decide to have the work-plane 400lx to achieve great visibility and enhanced worker safety, how many high bays they should have then?

Take 150W LED high bay for example, with 160lm/W efficacy, it delivers 24,000lm. The Coefficient of Utilization (CU) is by default 0.7, and maintenance factor (K) as 0.8. Take all data into the simple formula EAV=( Φ×N×CU×K)/(A×B), that is 400=24,000*N*0.7*0.8/(60*30), so the Q’ty of LED Highbay should be N=54pcs.

So we can know roughly that for a 1,800 Square meter factory, 54pcs 150W LED High Bay Light of 160lm/W would work well. And to know for sure the lighting effects, we’d better run a simulation by professional lighting designers on computer.

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