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Linear High Bay Lights, For Large-Scale Warehouses, Hub Centers and Ultra-High Ceiling Factories

by YAHAM | Mar 07, 2019 | Lighting products | 265

Large-scale warehouses, hub centers, and ultra-high ceiling factories (≥7 meters) have high requirements for illuminance, beam angle and energy saving of luminaires due to the large area and the high ceiling. In these applications, the general UFO high bay lights are limited by the structure to meet the needs.

Large-scale warehouses usually have a large number of shelves. Only the passages between the shelves and the goods and materials on the shelves need to be illuminated. The narrow and medium light distribution luminaires can focus light in the area that needs to be illuminated, so that light waste can be effectively avoided. LED linear high bay light is very suitable for large-scale warehouses. On one hand, the long and narrow structure adapts to the layout of large warehouses. On the other hand, the narrow and medium light distribution can increase the availability of light. What’s more, LED linear high bay lights are dimmable through intelligent controls and able to respond to the environment around them. Motion sensors could detect exactly when people were entering a particular zone and with the ‘instant on’ nature of the technology, dimmed lights could be brought up to 100% immediately.

Linear II LED high bay light

Hub centers are busy with heavy work and lots of people. 200lux~300lux ensures that people can work efficiently and safely in a clear environment. Therefore, high-power, high-efficiency luminaires are required to achieve high illumination.

GEO LED high bay light

Ultra-high ceiling factories such as aircraft maintenance and repair plant need more than 400W luminaires to meet the demands. The splicable LED linear high bay lights have great flexibility in these applications, and can be adjusted to meet the needs of different heights and illuminations.

Ultra-high ceiling factories

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