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The 5 best led flood light fixtures for outdoor lighting

by YAHAM Lighting | Sep 21, 2018 | Lighting products | 206

LED flood lights are getting more and more popular worldwide to enhance visibility, improve safety and highlight certain objects in outdoor areas. As a leading innovator, promoter and manufacturer of LED luminaires, Yaham is proud to introduce a wide range of advanced, energy-saving and eco-friendly LED flood lights suitable for large area lighting, general safety lighting and building facade lighting. For any outdoor area lighting projects, Yaham will always be your reliable and trustworthy solution provider.

Compact S LED High Mast Light
Compact S LED High Mast Light is the first-class high power floodlight for stadiums, harbors, airports, and large squares, wattages range from 200W to 1,200W.

Featuring with specialized lens, tool-less design, high energy efficiency, and super durability, and precise beam angle, Compact S not only provides a brighter and safer area, but also saves significantly on energy bills and maintenance cost.

Compact S LED High Mast Light
Lumiway 3 LED High Mast Light
Lumiway 3 LED High Mast Light perfectly combines cost efficiency with ideal performance. Wattages range from 300W to 900W, the integrated design ensures supreme thermal dissipation, ideal performance and extended LEDs lifetime.

Corrosion-proof, class 16 wind scale proof, and highly energy efficient, Lumiway 3 has been widely used in harbors, stadiums, plazas and highways, and has won great reputation and praise among customers.
Lumiway 3 LED High Mast Light
Rana LED Flood Light
Rana LED Flood Light represents a healthy and eco-friendly living philosophy. Its power ranges from 50W to 300W. With its sleek, stylish design, IP66 waterproof rating and precise lens, Rana is the perfect floodlight to illuminate various outdoor areas, including area lighting, street lighting and building facades.

The compact size and light weight make it perfectly good for wholesalers and retailer to transport, store, handle and install.
Rana LED Flood Light
TRi LED Area Light
TRi LED Area Light is born to be a desirable area and street lighting solution. Its power ranges from 60W to 300W.

The cobra-head like heat sink design effectively avoids dust and water accumulation on luminaire surface, 140lm/W high efficacy helps to achieve more than 70% energy saving than traditional MH/HID lights, and unique lens design will significantly reduce spill light and avoid light pollution.
TRi LED Area Light
Shoebox LED Area Light
Shoebox LED Area Light is ideal for parking lot, sports court and street lighting. Its power ranges from 120W to 400W.

The beam angles and clear-cut looking are specially engineered for parking lots, sport courts and streets. The light sensor will help save more than 70% of energy consumption and contribute to a smarter lighting system.
Shoebox LED Area Light

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