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How To choose Led High Bay Lights

by YAHAM | Jul 23, 2018 | Lighting products | 2213

LED high bay lighting is usually used in a large space that needs to be illumiated, especially for where there are high ceilings. The wide applicability makes high bay lights the ideal luminaire for most indoor scenes, eg, industrial places, factories, workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, toll stations, and most high ceiling applications.

Along with the lighting technology development, there are several different lighting technologies used in high bay lights, including Compact Fluorescent (CFL), High-Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID) developed in 1940s, Metal Halide lamps (MH) developed in 1960s, and Light Emitting Diode (LED) developed in 1960s. In this article we will talk about how to choose Led high bay lights.

LED High Bay Lights Advantages

Among all the lighting sources, LED stand out from the competition. Being deemed as the 4th generation lighting sources, LED lights started commercial use since 1990s, and become popular since 2000s. Now, LED High bay light is dominating the industrial and indoor high ceiling lighting solutions.


Comparing with HID and MH lights, LED stands out on many aspects:

  • 1. Three important characteristics of LED: green, mercury-free, and no UV.green, mercury-free, and no UV.
  • 2. Electrical performance of LED high bay lights: Fast start-up, Simple brightness adjustment, and long life.choose led high bay lights
  • 3.Fast start-up:It takes more than ten minutes for the conventional high-pressure sodium lamp and halogen lamp to reach 100% brightness, while the LED product reach 100% brightness in the instant of activation, and the reaction time is in the millisecond level.
  • 4.Simple brightness adjustment:LED is a current control device, and the brightness is changed steplessly by the change of the current, and the dimming control is simple.
  • 5. Long life: LED is a semiconductor solid-state light-emitting device with a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, which is more than 10 times longer than the life of a conventional light source.
  • 6. LED high bay light performance: high color rendering index, super high light efficiency, and ultra-wide color temperature range.choose led high bay lights
  • 7. High Color Rendering index: With almost the same color rendering index as tungsten lamps, LED highbay light efficacy is 10 times that of a tungsten lamp.
  • 8.High Efficacy:The light efficiency of the LED high bay light source can reach 210 lm/W or more, which is more than three times that of the traditional light source. As the light efficiency increases, it means that the efficiency of the light source to convert electricity into light is increased, and the heat converted is reduced.
  • 9. LED high bay light source color temperature can reach 2000K~6500K, or even higher. In addition, the energy consumption of the LED high bay light is particularly low, and in the long run, a large amount of electricity can be saved, and the investment in replacing the lamp can be saved, so that the comprehensive use cost is more cost-effective. Based on its high cost performance, LED highbay lighting fixture is becoming the main product of the new generation lighting market, and it is powerfully driving the rapid development of the environmental protection and energy saving industry.

Factors that Decide Led High Bay Prices & How to Choose Led High Bay Lights

Now, when there are new constructions or building renewal, people will be hesitate to choose LED Lightings. However, facing with many choices on LED High Bay Lights and different prices, users will always be confused on which one to choose and what are the factors that decide LED High Bay Lights price.


Yaham Lighting has been in LED Industry and manufacture LED products since 2002. And here are some comments from our engineers:



Effects on Price


Raw materials

Raw materials are the main factor that decide product quality and costs. The most important raw materials of LED High Bay lights including: LED chips, LED Driver, Heat Sink, and Cables. The raw materials prices vary from incredible low to quite high, and so does the luminaire.

LED High Bay lights price is positively correlated with raw materials price.

Yaham Lighting products adopt first-rate quality raw materials, ensure superb quality. Eg, Nichia chips, Meanwell, Inventroncis and Yaham driver, private mold heat sinks, etc.

Product Quality

Good quality usually represents cost efficient, better performance, and less maintenance costs. Thus, it’s a good investment to high grade life and to better future.

LED High Bay lights price is positively correlated with Product Quality.

Being a dedicated and ambitious manufacturer, Yaham Lighting provides top-rated Quality with medium-prices to promote the LED technology and extend market reaches.


The LED Lights design, QC procedures and production process are also vital for product quality. Outstanding workmanship leads to excellent LED High Bay Lights.

LED High Bay lights price is positively correlated with Workmanship

Yaham Lighting possess professional R&D teams, advanced production lines, strict Quality Control, and robust development policy. We are exactly the dedicated craftsmen that you are looking for.


The pre-sales and after-sales service matter a lot in lighting industry. Professional simulations and advices, timely response for product issues and high efficient after-sales service are just as important as the product itself.

LED High Bay lights price is positively correlated with Service.

Contact with Yahan Lighting, let’s show you what good service should be.

Sales Channels

LED High Bay Lights usually go through quite many channels before they are delivered to final users. The more channels they go through, the more higher the price.

LED High Bay lights price is positively correlated with Sales Channels

Yaham tries to shorten the Sales Channels by cooperated with large distributors and contractors.

Brand Premium

Consumers are likely to pay more for world famous Brands. So leading brands tends to sale with more profits, eg, Apple and Samsung in Handphone industry.

LED High Bay lights price is positively correlated with Brand Premium.

Regardless 16 years dedication in LED industry, Yaham hasn’t been a world leading brands yet. We aim to offer best quality with mid-prices, and constantly reach more customers.


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Affordable price



How Many High Bay Lights Do You Need For Industrial Lighting?

The factors affecting the number of highbay lights in industrial lighting rooms are:

1. Locations. Common applications for highbay lights include warehouses, workshops, exhibition halls, etc. Different application requires different brightness.

2. Lamp Power and luminous flux of highbay lights

3. Space utilization coefficient and maintenance coefficient

Generally, the following formula can be used for rough calculation: Average illuminance (Eav) = single luminaire flux Φ × number of luminaires (N) × space utilization factor (CU) × maintenance factor (K) ÷ floor area (length × width).
choose led high bay lights in industrial lighting rooms
Power density selection: The recommended power density for traditional MH/HID lamps is about 10-30 watts / square meter, and for led lighting, 3-12watts / square meter would be ideal. For general office lighting by LED, 3-7 watts / square meter would achieve more than 300lx on floor. And for hotel shopping malls, where requires higher brightness of more than 500lx, it can be designed to 5-12 watts/square meter.

Here is an example. A machining workshop has a dimension of 60m length, 30m width and 8m height, and with a work-plane height of 0.8m. The ceiling is cement soil structure and the walls are painted white. By prudent consideration, the owners decide to have the work-plane 400lx to achieve great visibility and enhanced worker safety, how many high bays they should have then?

Take 150W LED high bay for example, with 160lm/W efficacy, it delivers 24,000lm. The Coefficient of Utilization (CU) is by default 0.7, and maintenance factor (K) as 0.8. Take all data into the simple formula EAV=( Φ×N×CU×K)/(A×B), that is 400=24,000*N*0.7*0.8/(60*30), so the Q’ty of LED Highbay should be N=54pcs.

So we can know roughly that for a 1,800 Square meter factory, 54pcs 150W LED High Bay Light of 160lm/W would work well. And to know for sure the lighting effects, we’d better run a simulation by professional lighting designers on computer.

How to Choose A Reliable Chinese LED High Bay Light Factory

Many agents around the world and customers who need to purchase LED high bay lights will face a difficult problem when they come to China to choose a supply factory, that is, how to choose a reliable factory. As an industry leading manufacturer of LED high bay light, Yaham Lighting advice you to consider the following factors.

choose led high bay lights

1. Factory establishment time

The establishment time is a fact that a LED High Bay Light factory cannot change, and it is also a witness of a company's manufacturing experience in the industry. The establishment of factories in China is generally not long. Therefore, the establishment of a LED high bay light factory can reflect its reliability.

2. Number of factory employees

China is a populous country and is also known as the "world factory." However, the quality of LED high bay lights produced by many small factories is always poor. When Choosing a manufacture, it’s important to check the number of its employees. This provides a lot of protection for the lighting products we produce.

3. Factory Reputation in Lighting Industry

If you know that a factory is well known in the manufacturing industry, or has a lot of visibility in LED high bay light manufacturing, then it may be your better choice. However, you must be very familiar with LED High Bay Light Industry to choose a more well-known factory.

4. product supply case

If it is difficult to source the manufacturer information from the outside, the product supply case will be an important way to understand the reliability of the factory. Because there are a lot of demanders similar to yours, the factory has already been carefully evaluated. So you can choose this factory without worry. The premise is that those supply cases must be true.

5. after-sales service

After-sales service is indispensable, all products may have problems. If there is no after-sales service, the value of LED lights will be greatly reduced accordingly. Therefore, high-quality after-sales service can greatly reduce the difficulty of customers' use. After a failure, it can be quickly resolved without affecting the normal use of the customer.

choose led high bay lights

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