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Education Classroom Lighting Rise Sharply

by YAHAM | Sep 16, 2020 | Lighting products | 859

The rate of myopia among students soared by 11.7%, education classroom lighting, it’s too late if we don't pay attention.
In the context of the nation's anti-epidemic, the start of this year is destined to be unforgettable. Doctor Zhong with the "anti-epidemic heroes" to give an opening speech, with special emphasis on the "importance of health".
Actually, Health is the capital of revolution. While children are learning cultural lessons, they must also learn the very important course of "health" and the vision health is no exception.  The Ministry of Education said at News conference, the myopia rate of primary and middle school students has increased by 11.7% in half a year, showing that the prevention and control of myopia in young people is a something urgent.
In recent years, Education classroom light, as a factor directly related to the visual health of students, is gradually becoming known to the public. "How to create a high-quality teaching environment" is a guarantee for students' eye health and an important part of official prepared to school.
However, most people do not have a clear demand for the light environment in the classroom, and do not know what kind of lighting environment needs to be built to be considered healthy lighting, so that they would think more lighting equal to healthy lighting.
In fact, the most important thing in educational lighting is classroom lighting, which is mainly the communication between teachers and students, teachers read the teaching plans, observe students, write on the blackboard, students read and write, read the words and pictures on the blackboard, and watch the teacher’s presentation, communication between students, students should be able to see each other's expressions clearly, etc.

Education classroom lighting

Educational Lighting Conditions

Except for the blackboard and student area in the traditional teaching area, most classrooms in the classroom use form of projection. Schools focus on teaching during the day, effectively using natural light to save energy. Therefore, the most basic tasks in classroom lighting are mainly the following 5 points:

  • Need to meet the requirements of students reading, writing, painting, etc., and ensure the horizontal and vertical illumination requirements of the visual target;
  • Need to meet the requirements for face-to-face communication between students;
  • students to focus on the teaching or demonstration area;
  • Lighting control need adopt to different demonstration and teaching scenarios, and consider the influence of natural light;
  • Satisfy color rendering, control glare, and protect eyesight.

Classroom Lighting Situation

However, that is not true. Most of the classroom lighting is as follows:

The classroom used 9 lamps with shade bracket and 3 lights with Half dome blackboard lamp. There are 36W fluorescent lamp, CIR is Ra74.
For a standard classroom with 12 lighting fixtures, it seems very bright, but it does not meet “Hygienic standards for daylighting and lighting in classrooms of primary and secondary schools”, there are still many problems.
  •  Use naked light, light reflect and glare, strobe flash, glisten
  •  Low color rendering index, and white light
  • Blackboard illumination and uniformity do not meet national standards
  • The light source has a short life, high light decay rate and frequent maintenance
  • Contains harmful substances such as mercury and lead, polluting the environment
With the improvement of the teaching environment, while meeting the basic lighting function requirements of the classroom space, breakthroughs and innovations in light quality and light health should be paid more attention.

In order to make the lighting environment of the classroom reach a good level, Yaham Lighting uses the professional lighting design simulation tool to scientifically calculate the light environment required by the classroom according to the different functions of the podium teaching area and the student seating area in the classroom. The targeted and diversified lighting design can reduce energy consumption and ensure uniform and bright illumination.

The Overall Situation of the Classroom Lighting:

● The light source adopts optical anti-glare design, anti-glare;

Direct light on eyes will cause glare. If the glare value is too high, it will distract students' attention and induce myopia. Therefore, the "Technical Specification for Lighting for Primary and Secondary School Teachers" stipulates that the uniform glare value of all lighting places in the school should be less than or equal to 16;
● No flicker, high CRI and soft lighting;
If the color rendering index is too low, it will lose the true color of the object and affect the eyes to correctly distinguish the color of the object. and over time, it will affect the capacity for differentiating colors to students. Therefore, the school classroom lighting standard color rendering index value should be no less than Ra80, and the art classroom should be no less than Ra90;
● Illumination and uniformity are higher than national standards;
According to the research, there are problems of uniformity and low illuminance in the education lighting environment in our country, and It is easy to make people feel visual fatigue leading to myopia, so uniformity and illuminance are also very important indicators in classroom lighting. “Technical specifications for lighting for primary and secondary school teachers” shows that the standard value of classroom lighting uniformity should be no less than 0.7, and the blackboard is no less than 0.8. The maintenance average illuminance of 4 places such as art classroom, computer classroom, electronic reading room, blackboard should be no less than 500lx;
● Same illumination, saving more than 50% of electricity;
● The average service life of the LED Chips is more than 100,000 hours, with low light decay and low maintenance cost;

● No mercury, lead and other harmful substances, can be energy saving and environmental protection


“Cooperating with each other in conservation joint efforts to take good care of children’s eyes and let them have a bright future" is the responsibility of the whole society and is also regarded as the mission of Yaham Lighting

Yaham Lighting believes that "healthy lighting in schools" is one of the key tasks in 2020. And we are committed to applying the latest scientific and technological achievements to the prevention and control of myopia, and timely curbing the trend of high incidence of myopia and younger age of students.
For the sake of students' eye health, Yaham Lighting design the professional classroom lights
and put forward the concept of eye protection. The six core parameters of the light environment health renovation project were improved from the illumination, glare, CRI, color temperature and Blu-ray exemption level. It can significantly improve the lighting environment of the classroom, avoid the harm of bad lighting to students' eyes, and to a certain extent, it can prevent the vision loss of primary and middle school students and reduce the incidence of poor vision.





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