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High temperature LED high bay light

by YAHAM | Nov 28, 2018 | Lighting products | 1593

In 2018, due to the impact of global warming, rare high-temperature weather shocked in all parts of the world. Many facilities have been seriously affected by the lack of necessary protective measures.

High temperature LED high bay light

The normal production of the factories require stable lighting, and now the working temperature ceiling of most luminaires are maintained at 45 ° C ~ 50 ° C. In the case of extreme high temperature, ordinary LED luminaires are easily unable to dissipate heat in time due to excessive ambient temperature. In the worst case, the LED chip will not work and lifespan of the LED chip will be directly reduced.

Therefore, in areas with high temperatures, such as the Middle East, and areas where extreme high temperatures have occurred, it is recommended to upgrade to high temperature resistant luminaires.

high temperatures

The new LED high bay light, Compact V, developed by Yaham Lighting, can maintain normal illumination at 65 °C. Compact V not only has special design in LED chip, heat sink material and heat dissipation structure, but also uses self-developed advanced graphene technology which greatly improves the heat resistance of the luminaires.

Compact V High temperature LED high bay light

If you are facing the high temperature environment, Compact V high bay light will be your best choice.

•High Temperature Resistance(Working Temperature Up to 65 °C)

Compact V adopts the advanced Hi-G thermal grease as its thermal fillers and enhances a superb thermal dissipation & higher efficacy. 

The structural design of Compact V ensures it work normally at 65°C.

Hi-G thermal grease

•Reliable High Efficacy

World-class quality LED chips(LED lifespan>100,000 hours) ,
First-class tempered glass (light transmittance up to 90%),
Ensures high temperature resistance and high light efficacy(130lm / W).

Reliable High Efficacy

•Superb Energy Saving

Compact V is the LED High Bay Light with High efficacy that can replace the traditional MH/HPS lights while it can save more than 70% of energy every year. 

When Compact V equips with the Janus intelligent control system it can realize remote control, group control, time schedule and dimming to reach the modern energy management and save more than 60% of energy.

Superb Energy saving

High temperature LED high bay light

Applicable to workshops, factories, warehouses, gas stations, garage and other high temperature environments.

For high temperature needs, Compact V is your best choice.

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