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Indoor Ice Hockey Rinks

by YAHAM | Mar 17, 2020 | Lighting projects | 1791

Ice hockey is a competitive sport which consisting of two teams of six players each playing on the ice rink.It requires pushing the puck past the goal line and into a net guarded by a goaltender. With its speed and its frequent physical contact, ice hockey has become one of the most popular sports in the world.

Many sports are dominated by outdoor venues, ice hockey is no exception. But the biggest challenge for outdoor venues is that the weather can change at any time. If it snows or rains, the ice hockey game can’t be held as scheduled. To make the hockey game held successfully, indoor hockey rink must be created.

indoor ice hockey rinks

Indoor ice hockey rinks are kept open for long periods every day of the year. The biggest challenge for hockey rink managers is how to control various high cost, including energy consumption and maintenance costs. For athletes, the lighting equipment for indoor ice hockey rinks needs to ensure that they can easily see and follow the momentary movement of small ice hockey. This is closely related to whether they can win the game.Generally, ice hockey can move at a speed of 100 miles per hour. For the audience, the effect of watching the game on the spot is vital, and being able to capture every exciting moment at the scene is the key to ignite the atmosphere of the audience.So, how can all their needs be met? The answer is LED lighting.

As technology advances and demand increases, The costs of lighting changes from year to year.The wattage of metal halide lighting fixtures commonly used in ice hockey is between 400-1000. These lights convert 95% of the electricity they draw into heat. They only convert 5% into light and are very inefficient,which leaves the light fixtures and is released to the surface of the ice in the same direction as the light. Therefore,the numerous heat metal halide lamps produce usually cause the ice to soften during long hockey tournaments.Since LEDs emit less heat than conventional lighting systems, they play an important role when it comes to keeping ice frozen. By replacing traditional lights with LED lights,the ice hockey rink can reduce its wattage by approximately 75%,convert 95% of the electricity they pull into light and only waste 5% as heat. This may result in 85%-90% electricity savings across the system.Additionally, since LED lights provide controllable, higher-quality light, they can transform ice hockey rinks into versatile venues that can be used for a host of activities. This means that venue owners can enjoy increased revenues because of the higher usage of their facilities.LED lights also last up to 10 times longer than traditional lights, reducing maintenance expenses and service life.These all can effectively reduce the operating costs of ice hockey managers and achieve a higher ROI.
indoor ice hockey rinks
Good lighting is essential for ice hockey rinks. When players have clear visibility as they play on the ice hockey rink, they give their peak performance and reducing potential skating accidents.The disc-shaped black ice hockey is the target in the hockey game,players must be able to easily see it, and this requires the players to be possible without glare caused by watching the lights. With older lighting technologies, the glare caused by reflected light on the ice surface had always been a problem affecting the effect of the game.The rubber floor used in most ice hockey courts is not highly reflective,this means you may need light fixtures with a higher color temperature to provide sufficient light.The higher the color temperature of a light source, the brighter its light will appear.Something important worth noting is that the lower the color rendering index of a light source, the less precise the colors of the illuminated object. Many light sources considered to be very good at color rendering have a color rendering index between 85 and 90. Those light sources with a color rendering index of 90 and above are excellent at revealing true colors and are the most suitable for tasks where required color discrimination are needed.However, the most of the older lighting technologies used in ice hockey rinks do not have a high color rendering index. The color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamps is between 20 and 30, the color rendering index of metal halide lamps is between 60 and 70, and the color rendering index of fluorescent lamps is between 65 and 75.The light sources with the best color rendering index are LEDs with a color rendering index between 75 and 98 which closely match those of natural light.LED lights make ice look even more brighter and make other colors more prominent. The advantage of LEDs is that they can create perfectly uniform illumination,effectively preventing players from seeing the shadows and black spots of black ice hockey. Player can more easily capture and follow the rapid movement of the puck on the rink when they play on a well-lit rink.

In the past, our human eyes have become accustomed to the soft white color temperature of high pressure sodium lights and halogen lights,but this does not mean that these lights are the best options for sports venues.Lighting determines how fans feel in the venue.Metal halide, HPS, or fluorescent lights are prone to flicker or buzz,this can cause discomfort, low quality public views, and possibly drive fans away. With LEDs on your ice hockey arenas , this issue will be completely eliminated and will never happen.The bright lights allow fans to enter and exit safely,  and the warm atmosphere created can enhances the experience for the fans and keeps fans coming back.Glare-free lighting can also helps cameras to capture all the action on the ice hockey rinks, allowing spectators who are not in the ice hockey rinks can clearly see everything that is going on.

LED lights are the future of stadium lighting.In order to meet the needs of the ice hockey rink, Yaham's high-quality research and development team has created a world-class high-mast lighting solutions through years of research and testing--compact S.It has been successfully applied on the Russian ice hockey rink, and has received wide attention and recognition.The following are the main features of the product.

Copmpact S

Get it as tight as you can with your hand and Rotating mounting bracket, no need extra tools, just a few seconds to finish it. The electric box match with key for simple and easy to use.
The beam angle usually dictates how the light will be distributed. What the football stadium lights you choose should have the right beam angles, in order to balance light uniformity with brightness. Compact’s dial enables precise aiming of mounting bracket. Unique aiming device directs light to exactly where it’s needed.
Light efficiency is the main performance index of LED lamps. Compact S has 140lm/w energy efficiency to reduce the burden by providing more lighting at a low power consumption rate, and its significant energy saving up to 70%.
Separable electric box and trail mounting drivers available, providing with more flexibilities and convenience for installation and maintenance, and enables significant saving on labor cost and time.

Although glare valuesare rarely mentioned, they are important in lighting. Too much glare may lead to visual discomfort. Players may be unable to see fast-moving balls. Our high mast lights have advanced lens and low-glare to focus on the light beam where it is needed and decrease light leakage for maximum application.

Sounds great, right? LED lighting is both an art and a science. Lighting would always be an indispensable part. Countries around the world are building sport stadiums by LED lighting that show their support for green initiatives and other efforts of saving the world. So, what are you waiting for? Compact S will help you to have a perfect play in sport stadium. YAHAM Lighting would always be your best choice!





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