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Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting

by YAHAM | Jul 26, 2019 | Lighting products | 3353

Recently, the heat wave has swept across the globe, and swimming has become the best sport in such high temperature weather. Unlike general high bay lighting, indoor swimming pool lighting has more stringent requirements on LED high bay light. In order to provide safe, comfortable and efficient lighting, a variety of complex factors need to be considered.

indoor swimming pool lighting

Safe Lighting

The top priority is safety. Due to the presence of chlorine in the swimming pool environment, long-term exposure to corrosive chlorine will cause corrosion to general luminaires, resulting in malfunction of the indoor swimming pool lighting function or even partial corrosion of the LED high bay light.

The humidity of the swimming pool is extremely high, up to 50-60%. In special conditions, this value can reach 80% or more. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to affect the metal. In the high humidity environment, it is recommended to use the following material: cast iron, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, zamark, chrome, composites, plastic, PVC. At the same time, the luminaires should have a high degree of protection rating to prevent water vapor from affecting the normal operation of LED chips and driver.

The LED high bay light must be able to maintain normal and stable lighting in the extraordinarily corrosive environment of the swimming pool. In addition to the high degree of protection required, the luminaires also need to have the function of preventing chlorine corrosion to ensure safe lighting.

Swimming Pool LED High Bay Light

Comfortable Lighting
Unlike the general lighting environment, the swimming pool has a large amount of water, which produces reflection. When the water surface fluctuates, the glare is dynamic. In order to provide a comfortable indoor swimming pool lighting space for users and safety personnel, and reduce the discomfort caused by direct glare and reflection to the eyes, it should be considered to use luminaires with low glare and high uniformity. Additionally matte materials are recommended for the building and decorative materials surrounding the pool.    

Compact I LED high bay light, the Top Performer in indoor swimming pool lighting

The corrosion-resistant materials and unique structural design make sure that Compact I LED high bay light is the top performer in swimming pool.

The heat sink adopts aluminum material with excellent anti-corrosion performance, and the surface is sprayed with epoxy, which further increases the corrosion resistance of Compact I and can prevent the corrosion of chloride at the same time.

These chemicals are commonly used in swimming pools, acidic and corrosive chlorinating agents, alkaline disinfectants, and weakly acidic algicides, for cleaning and disinfecting, which cause extraordinary corrosion to the LED high bay light.

As an anti-corrosion material, epoxy resin has the characteristics of compactness, water resistance and high chemical stability. The cured epoxy resin system has excellent alkali resistance, acid resistance and solvent resistance. Luminaires that sprayed with epoxy resin can keep well operating in the very harsh corrosive environment of the pool.

The unique structure of Compact I greatly reduces direct glare, and the nano coating around the LED chips ensures the light more uniform. 90° frosted cover further reduces glare.

Compact I LED high bay light indoor swimming pool lighting

Hook Mounted

Material & Process of Compact I LED high bay light
Aluminum alloy
The heat sink is made of aluminum alloy material. The aluminum alloy has low density and high strength, which has the characteristics of light weight, thermal conductivity and strong corrosion resistance. It is very suitable for swimming pools with strong chemical substances and high humidity. Even the surface of the heat sink gradually pitting, it will not affect the structural integrity.

Die casting process
Die casting is a metal casting process characterized by the use of a mold cavity to apply high pressure to the molten metal. Compared with other casting processes, the die-casting process is integrated, the edge of the heat sink is smooth, which can make the epoxy resin powder adhere more easily so that the paint is not easy to fall off, makes the LED high bay light has better anti-corrosion performance.

After the nano-coating processing, a dense, uniform nano-coating will be formed. The nanoparticles are evenly distributed, fine and have very good optical properties.
· Excellent light reflection characteristics, high reflectivity of over 96%, can reduce light loss and make brightness higher.
· The reflectivity is up to 94%, which can enlarge the illumination area, while the light is naturally soft and uniform.

· Avoid halos, and have no shadow effect, providing perfect illumination. 

Compact I LED high bay light

U-Type Bracket Mounted

Optical & Structural Design of Compact I LED high bay light
304 stainless steel rings and components
Meets the American ASTM standard and contains more than 18% chromium and more than 8% nickel. It has good corrosion resistance.

Funnel heat sink structure
The funnel-shaped heat sink structure allows the LED chips to sink deeper, and the person in the side does not directly see the light from the luminaires, thus reducing a large amount of direct glare.

LED chips
Adapt high-quality Nichia LED chips that lifespan>100,000 hours(TM-21 L70). Besides, Nichia LED chips are highly resistant to corrosion and maintain normal light output in high temperature and high humidity environments.

Protective apron
Protective apron is made of silica gel material that can well isolate chlorine gas, corrosive gas, liquid and water vapor to ensure normal and long-term operation of LED high bay light.

90° cover

The twill design of the cover can effectively reduce the glare value.

Compact I LED high bay light indoor swimming pool lighting

Pole Mounted

Safety Guidelines of Lighting Design in Swimming Pool

The following diagram adapted from the 2014 NEC Handbook, Article 680 on accepted luminaire placement and restrictions.

indoor swimming poor lighting luminaire placement and restrictions

①Luminaires should be mounted above 12 feet over water when no GFCI protection is provided.
②Luminaires should be mounted above 7½ feet over water when protected  by GFCI.
③Luminaires are not permitted below 5 feet.
④Only Existing rigidly attached luminaires are permitted when protected by GFCI.
⑤Luminaires are permitted if rigidly attached.
⑥Luminaires are permitted when protected by GFCI.

Light Levels Guidelines in Swimming Pool

The following table refers to the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America RP-06-01 for Sports Recreational Area Lighting.



Water Surface(lux)


Water Surface Uniformity

Max:Min ratios

Deck Uniformity

Max:Min ratios

Class I






Class II






Class III






Class IV






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