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LED Floodlight with Sensor, Your Better Choice

by YAHAM | Jun 25, 2021 | Lighting products | 1844

Many people who have yards, garages or workshop very willing to have smart and easy-to-install floodlight to provide long-lasting lighting. Generally, the wattage of light bulbs is too small to provide bright enough lighting, while garden lighting fixtures and hanging lighting fixtures need additional facilities to install the luminaires. 
At the same time, the main function of these luminaires is to provide lighting for the host or visitors. In the rest of the time, these luminaires can actually keep off to prevent wasting. 
So if the luminaires that can sense moving objects to achieve automatic lighting will become the first choice for these users. 
Rana is the LED floodlight which is equipped with microwave sensor can not only save a lot of electricity costs, but also have a certain security effect, making your space energy-saving, bright and safe.

If you want to make your yard, garage or workshop smarter, this Rana LED floodlight with sensor will be your best choice.

Ultra-light & Ultra-thin Floodlight

The Rana LED floodlight developed by Yaham Lighting adopts an advanced POB(power-on-board) solution, which integrates the driver into the floodlight, making Rana become lighter and thinner. The width of the 20W Rana LED floodlight is only 21mm, and the whole floodlight’s weight is only 0.43kg, which means Rana LED floodlight is easy to carry and install.


The Floodlight Meet 99% Needs

Rana LED floodlight covers multiple wattages from 20W to 200W, which can be applied to the lighting needs of various occasions. You can choose the most suitable wattage according to different brightness requirements and different installation heights. Indoor garage lighting can use 20W~30W LED floodlight, outdoor courtyard can choose 50W~200W LED floodlight according to the lighting range and brightness requirements, and the workshop entrance lighting can choose 100W~200W LED floodlight.


Your First Smart Floodlight

Rana LED floodlight is no need for complicated APP operation settings. It already has sensor settings, Rana LED floodlight can be used normally and have sensor functions after installation. 

In order to better reduce energy waste, the 100W~200W Rana LED floodlight is also equipped with daylight sensing function, which can automatically sense the brightness of the environment. When the brightness of the environment reaches 30Lux, Rana LED floodlight will automatically turn off. Rana LED floodlight will be the luminaire which can change your life.

Floodlight with Graphene Technology

Rana LED floodlight adapts graphene technology to improve the heat dissipation of the heat sink, thereby improving the light efficacy and prolonging the lifespan of the luminaires. The lifespan of the Rana LED floodlight chips can reach 100,000 hours, providing you with efficient and long-lasting lighting.


Easy to Install Floodlight

Rana LED floodlight adopts bracket installation, which allows you to install the luminaires anywhere according to your needs. The bracket can be adjusted by 180° to make the light angle more in line with your requirements.

Small Floodlight, great Capacity

Although the Rana LED floodlight is small, it still has outstanding performance in all aspects. The IP66 protection make Rana LED floodlight can handle with most indoor and outdoor environments. Meanwhile, the working temperature of Rana LED floodlight is -40℃~+40℃, so there is no need to worry about the luminaires stop working in the cold winter or scorching heat. The streamlined heat sink also prevents the Rana LED floodlight from accumulating dust and keeps it in perfect condition at any time.





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