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Compact Mg LED High Bay Light for industrial lighting

by YAHAM | Aug 22, 2018 | Lighting products | 2341

The Compact Mg LED High Bay Light is designed for industrial lighting. The magnalium design provides an up-to-date aesthetic feeling and ideal thermal dissipation. The 160lm/w high efficacy, Low UGR, and reliable manufacturing process will offer users the best industrial lighting performance than ever.

led high bay light for industrial lighting

Four Styles of Compact Mg LED High Bay Light

Features And Benefits

Hi-G Thermal Grease

Graphene heat dissipation technology.

led high bay light for industrial lighting


Compact Mg High Bay Lighting fixture have Better visual performance with a special anti-glare reflector.


Higher efficacy, and more lumen output,

Compact Mg LED High Bay Light 's

about 3times energy saving than MH lights.

●Up to 38,400lm

Ideal 1 for 1 replacement of 750w MH light.

●60°, 90° and 120° beam angles

Multiple lens for option, to fulfill different mounting height and width demands.

●Various styles

Different styles to cater for different feeling of beauty.

●Super easy installation

Compact Mg LED High Bay Light have Classic Eyebolt or Hook mounting, super easy for mounting.

YAHAM Compact Mg LED high bay light

Intelligent Control

For even more Energy-saving and better lighting management

Microwave Motion Sensor

 PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor), Photo Sensor, Voice Sensor and Microwave Sensor are generally most common sensors used in lighting industry.  Among these solutions, the Microwave motion sensor with a lux level detector is proved a best solution for industrial lighting control based on it’s reliable performance. Here is a brief comparison of these sensors.


Sensor Type

PIR Motion Sensor

Microwave Motion Sensor

Photo Sensor

Voice Sensor

Working Principle

PIR is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view.

Microwave motion sensor detects motion through the principle of Doppler radar.

Phctc senscr detects the lux level changes and turn en/eff and dim fixtures.

Phete senser detects the voices of the environment.

Object for detection

Human body temperature.

Moving object

Lux Level



1.  Low power consumption.

2.  Applicable to both indoor and outdoor.

1.  Longer interaction distance, generally about 8-18m for industrial lighting.

2.  Strong penetrating power, no visual shadow area.

3.  Can be used in harsh environment.

4.  Stronq antijamminq capability

1.  Lew cest

2.  Widely used in eutdeer.

1. Low cost


1.  Not sensitive when environment temp, close to human body temp.

2.  Easily disturbed by warm objects.

3.  Small detecting area, eg. 5- 12m.

1.  Cost higher than PIR.

2.  Not ideal for outdoor.

1.  Energy waste duing te leng- time werking in night.

2.  The senser may be easily disturbed by lamplight if net well installed.

1.  Easily affected by noises.

2.  Short lifespan.

Suggested for

Outdoor lights.

Indoor applications, Industrial Lighting, Security deives.

Outdeer lights

Low wattage home lightings.

Janus Intelligent Control System

YAHAM lighting Janus lighting system adopts PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, that transfers signals by existing power lines. It does not require additional signal wires or any wireless communication devices, which makes the system much more  economic than other intelligent Control solutions, eg, Dali, Zigbee, Bluetooth In LED High Bay Light control. And it’s much more safer than wireless solutions while achieve a better control to lighting fixtures.

With multiple control options, the Janus system will help users to save a lot more energy than normal sensors. And the reasonable management for lamps will also greatly extend their lifespan.

Intelligent terminal, remote control

 Singlelamp,group, globalnetworkdimming

Real-time lamps monitoring

One-click Scene Change

Time Schedule, Dimming

Intelligent terminal, remote control



Real-time lamps monitoring

One-click Scene Change

Time Schedule, Dimming

Dali (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)

As one of the most popular intelligent lighting control systems Dali features higher security and reliability.

Each device on a DALI network can be individually addressed, which enables accurate control for every fixtures. And Dali also allows multiple devices to be

addressed simultaneously via multicast and broadcast messages, which enables easy group LED High Bay Lights control.

With a Dali system, users can easily achieve On/off control, brightness control, scene setting, timing and Device status Monitoring.

Compact Mg LED High Bay Light Applications:

    YAHAM Lighting as a high-quality LED High Bay Light manufacturer. The high bay products are widely used in workshops, factories, warehouses, toll stations, Auto industry, exhibition halls, stadiums, etc. Please find some cases as follows:

Compact Mg LED High Bay Light Application for Workshops

Compact Mg LED High Bay Light Application for Factories 

Compact Mg LED High Bay Light Application for Warehouses 

Application for Workshops

Application for Factories

Application for Warehouses

Compact Mg LED High Bay Light Application for Auto industry

Compact Mg LED High Bay Light Application for Dining Hall 

Compact Mg LED High Bay Light Application for Toll Station, 

Application for Auto industry

Application for Dining Hall

Application for Toll Station,

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