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How to Choose LED High Mast Light Factory

by YAHAM | Jan 24, 2019 | Lighting products | 1287

LED High Mast Light is growing popular in large areas, especially in sports stadiums, sea ports, airports, plazas, large industrial facilities, and parking lots. Pursuing after the great lighting performance, ultra-long lifetime and remarkable energy saving, most of new-built or reconstruction projects are using or switch to LED High mast lights. 

It’s quite natural that many distributors, contractors and proprietors would wonder how to figure out a reliable and desirable LED high mast light factory, and better to be a factory, so to get the best results with lower purchasing costs. Here are several practical advices from Yaham lighting to help on the decisions.

led high mast light factory

1. Quality management system

Good quality delivers customer satisfaction, long durability, great lighting performance, and least failure, while poor quality may drive users to crazy! So it’s wise to choose a factory that cares for quality.

A desirable LED High Mast factory should have mature quality management system, an ISO9001 certified factory could be a great choice. You can learn more at: http://www.iso9001.com/. 

2. Manufacturing history &Production Capacity

It takes time to build up professions, experiences, and knowledge of the markets. Longer manufacturing history and more successful projects experiences are always good. Better if the LED High Mast Light factory has rich experience on projects similar to yours, so the factory can not only supply you great products, but also practical advices to help your project work better.

Additionally, production capacity is another factor to consider. More production capacity of

Led high mast light factory usually indicates high efficiency, good production management, and economic cost backed by bulk production. 

3. Sales channels & Accessibility 

If a LED High Mast Light cannot reach the desired customer, or the customer cannot buy easily, it’s poor accessibility. Sales channels are important, because it offers accessibility for products, so customers can buy conveniently. 

If the factory offers good accessibility, both on internet and on the local markets, it would be more reliable. For example, Yaham Lighting offers web access at www.yahamlighting.com, so customers can select online, and there are great distributor supports in America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan. 

4. Professional on LED High Mast Light

You do thing better if you are dedicated to it. If the factory takes LED High Mast Light as one of its main production lines, and dedicated to it for long, it’s more likely to do it better and more professional. It’s advisable to choose a factory that concentrates on large power LED lighting solutions, take Yaham as example.

led high mast light factory

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