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What makes a supreme led high mast light for sports courts?

by YAHAM | Nov 02, 2018 | Lighting products | 1588

Artificial lighting is required for indoor and outdoor sports courts when no natural lighting is available. The LED high mast lights for sports court are well welcome, because they:
- Enrich the recreational time of people;
- Extent the playing time of the courts;
- Attract more coaches and players; and
- Enables remarkable energy-saving comparing with conventional high mast lights.

To achieve the most satisfying lighting performance, it’s important to know what makes a supreme led high mast light for sports court. As professional industrial, sports and street lighting provider, Yaham Lighting is happy to share some practical experiences.

1. Advanced thermal management
While LED lights turn the electricity into lights, it also produces much heat. High temperature may damage the electronic parts, so it must be cooling effectively.

High effective thermal dissipation will not only secure the best lighting performance, but also extend the life time of LED high mast lights. The ideal thermal dissipation is generally achieved by structural design, heat sink, and thermal conductive materials. 

Yaham lighting developed Hi-G technology as superior thermal conductive materials, thermal effective aluminum as heat sink, and reasonable structural design. The high qualities, heat dissipation capacity, as well as the appearance, are always leading the tendency in LED high mast light and sports lighting industry.

Advanced thermal management
2. Specialized Optics
Precise light control is essential for sports lighting. The good optics will direct lights to its desired targets, so all participants can enjoy the events with great visual satisfying, and without annoying disturbance to the neighbors.

Yaham Lighting offers multiple lens for its LED high mast light for sports court to better fit different stadiums with various mounting height and lighting requirements. The precise light control helps to achieve great uniformity and best visual performances, and minimize the spill light and light pollution. 

Light where you want, not where you don’t!

3. Convenient on-site Operation
Maintenance is another important thing throughout the complete lifetime of high mast lights. Comparing with MH/HPS, LED high mast lights are extremely long lifetime ( Up to 10 years), so it saves a lot on maintenance replacement costs.

However, it takes much time and labors to perform maintenance when the LED high mast lights are mounting high. Thus, a solution to maintain the lights directly on-ground is desirable. Yaham has developed various new designs to fulfill such needs. 

The simple yet practical aiming device enables precise aiming of luminaires to its targets, the tool-less adjustable bracket enables quick adjustment of mounting angle, and most importantly, the separable electric box enables centralized management of the electric parts on ground.

These considerate designs not only enable the easiest operation and remarkable saving on labors and relevant costs, but also present the human-centered concept of Yaham Lighting.
Intelligent Lighting Control System
4. Intelligent Lighting Control System
To control and monitor all luminaires by just a simple click! And you don’t even need complicated wiring like Dali, or worry about the signal strength like Zigbee and Bluetooth. Is not that amazing?

Yaham developed Janus Intelligent Lighting Control System for outdoor and industrial lighting. Janus adopts PLC (Power Line Communication) technology which is mature and proofed by the power grid to be reliable and smart system. It conveys signal directly by the existing power cables, so no extra wirings in need. Imagine how many you will save on that!

Manage the lights in real time, and control by simple clicks!
sports courts lighting solutions
Yaham offers superior lighting solutions throughout outdoor professional sports and recreation areas, as well as indoor arenas, gymnasiums, and related facilities. Our LED high mast light for sports court are specially designed to highlight the action and improve the athlete and spectator experience, while contributing to reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs for the jobs. 

You can always rely on Yaham for your sports courts! Email or call us now for a supreme sports court lighting solution!





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