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Things you should know when choosing LED High Mast Luminaires

by YAHAM lighting | Sep 07, 2018 | Lighting products | 1298

LED high mast luminaires, also known as high power LED flood lights or high pole lamps, are widely used in large area such as Stadiums, Airports, Harbors, Highways, Plazas, etc. The main purpose to use a LED High Mast luminaires is generally to improve visibility, enhance safety and achieve energy saving of the illuminated areas, so people are able to work, play there safely and pleasingly. Considering how to choose the right LED high mast luminaires, there are something important you should know.


Important Specifications of LED High Mast Luminaire

There are some specs of LED High Mast Luminaire that are very important, including Luminous Efficacy, Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI), Beam Angles, etc.


Luminous Efficacy of LED High Mast Light means measures how much light is being emitted by the luminaire per unit of power and is expressed in lumen per watt of electricity used.  We expect higher efficacy possible, so it can deliver more lumens with less power consumption. Generally, efficacy above 120lm/W is considered very ideal.


The Color Temperature (CCT) of LED High Mast Luminaire is a way to describe the light appearance. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. Sunlight is about 5600°K, with shade & skylight hitting higher temperatures. The photo below shows the visible feelings of different CCT.

The Color Temperature (CCT) of LED High Mast Luminaire

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is used to measure an artificial light’s ability to reproduce the colors of an object, relative to the natural light source (the sun) with CRI of 100. Higher CRI means better visibility. Generally, CRI>65 is acceptable, but for areas that requires higher CRI or hold televised events, higher CRI may be needed.


Beam Angle of LED High Mast Luminaire will determine how the light will be distributed. Ideal beam angle design will make best use of the light, direct most lumens to desired target, and avoid unexpected impact on neighbors. The picture below shows how beam design achieves corresponding light control.

Beam Angle of LED High Mast Luminaire

Besides above mentioned specs, IP Rating, Lifetime, and Warranty are also vital factors to consider, just contact us to know more.


Factors that decide LED High Mast Luminaire price

Before we had an article "200w LED high bay light", there are many factors affecting the price of LED high bay light. We now know the vital factors to choose a good LED High Mast Luminaire. Now, many of us found the price varies in market, and we are much confused which luminaire to choose? It’s time for us to figure out the main factors that decide the Led high mast luminaire price, and they are: Quality, Services, Sales Channels, and Brand Premium.


Product Quality is the factor users care most, because it’s the key elements to decide lighting performances, how long it will last, and how much it cost for maintenance. Excellent quality means longer life, better performance, and low-to-zero maintenance cost. Good Quality generally comes from reasonable design, top raw materials, advanced production and strict quality control. A good quality usually means a higher price, but it’s absolutely worthy.


Good Sales Services are the key to first-rate solution and remarkable user experience. LED High Mast Light Manufacturers must keep reasonable profits to insure constant R&D on products, robust growth of company, and considerate customer service. Thus, good service also contributes to higher price.


Sales Channels affect LED High Mast Light price largely. The more sale channels involved, the higher the LED High Mast Luminaire price. That’s why we all call for delayering. Many manufactures cooperates directly with large wholesalers and Contractors to cut down the sales channels, and thus the terminal prices also decrease.

Sales Channels affect LED High Mast Light price largely

Brand Premium also contributes to higher price. When a brand becomes well-known and widely appreciated, the suppliers may try to increate the profit margin, so they can afford for AD. Cost and improve financial report. But of course there are LED High Mast Luminaire manufactures that insist on fair price for high quality, so they can penetrate to the markets deeply and help to build a greener and healthier living environment.


In summary, good quality and services usually make higher price, but less sales channels and brand premium will cut that down, so a good LED High Mast Luminaire don't have to be very high price, but it of course will not be very low. You are ok to choose a Mid-price LED High mast Luminaire from trustworthy suppliers.


To choose a trustworthy LED High Mast Luminaire Manufacturer

Trustworthy LED High Mast Luminaire manufacturer will offer you the first-rate quality, considerate service, reasonable solution and low brand premium. The things you should know about the Manufacturer including establishment time, firm size, production capacity, lightng cases, and reputations, etc

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