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Why are there no street lights on the highway?

by YAHAM | Jan 08, 2019 | Lighting products | 3824

LED Street lights are created to provide a bright view of the vehicles on the road and play an important role in the safe driving of the driver.I don't know if you noticed that there are no LED street lights on the highway.Once, I asked lots of friends, "Do you know that there are no LED street lights on the highway”? Most of them said “oh, really, I didn’t notice.” Actually, the highways generally do not install LED street lights except for important bridges and tunnels. However, there are LED street lights on ordinary urban roads, there are no street lights on high-speed highways. Why?

At present, there is basically no street lamp installed in the main line of China's expressway. Only LED high mast lights are installed in the intercommunication zone, street lights are installed at the entrance of the tunnel, and tunnel lights. That is because of the safety, cost and maintenance problems.

In terms of driving safety, the illumination of street lamps is not continuous and the limited of distance from exposure.Usually urban trunk road lights are about 30-33 meters, the brightest point under the pole and the center point between the two poles is the darkest point.

If the highway is installed in the same way as the urban trunk road, when the vehicle travels at a speed of 120 km/h, then the journey per second is 33.3 m, and every second is cycled from the brightest point to the darkest point. The 1Hz strobe line continues to enter the eye, which can easily cause visual fatigue; in the process of driving, it will also affect the safety of the driver.

Besides, it takes a lot of money and manpower to install the LED street lights on the highway. At the same time, about the electricity supply or the maintenance also will require long-term investment. The length highway, if there is no vehicle during the illumination of the streetlight, will waste the power.

Therefore, if installed the lights on speed highway, it is neither energy-saving nor scientific.

However, some highways will install some high mast lights for auxiliary lighting at important bridge (cross-sea bridges), interchanges or ramps. Street lights and tunnel lights will also be installed in tunnel projects.

Yaham Lighting has completed thousands of such projects all around the world. Because of market demand and the forward-looking nature of the company, Yaham Lighting's R&D team has conducted many investigations and optical studies, and adopted secondary optical distribution lens of professional roads and tunnels for street lighting and tunnel lights.Edge LED street lights have a variety of light distribution options, mainly for municipal roads, highways, ring roads, rural roads and walkways lighting. There is high efficacy up to 140lm/W; the power supply cavity is designed with a snap-on fixing to reach the convenience of maintenance; and it can be compatible with the photocell daylight sensor to further reduce the energy loss and increase its performance.

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