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Best led Outdoor Flood Lights Recommendation

by YAHAM | Jan 17, 2020 | Lighting products | 1251

Outdoor lighting is thought as a kind of artificial lighting to illuminate the place you need, in which it has no roofs-definitely in outdoor areas. The aim of the outdoor lighting is, by illuminating the area, to enhance visual performance of lighting so to be convenient for the persons conducting human activities.

The purpose of the led outdoor flood lighting is to enhance the performance of human activities during the light is dim or dark in condition of constructing, playing, driving, etc. The increase in the efficiency of human activities during the night sometimes contributes, to some extent, to the increase in the efficiency of human activities during the day.

led outdoor flood lighting

Key Factors In Choosing LED Outdoor Flood Lighting

Today, all people in the world are actively respond to the slogan of energy saving and environmental protection. LED lighting is regarded as a kind of light with outstanding energy-saving, high-quality lighting performance and long-life span. LED global market sales are increasing day by day. The penetration rate of LED lighting market might be a new high rate in 2020.

LED outdoor floodlights are the usual types of outdoor lighting fixtures and can be divided as security lighting, area lighting, street lighting, sign lighting, sports lighting, etc. LED outdoor floodlights not only provide higher-level security and better visual performances, but also reduce energy cost. As a user, how to choose the right outdoor LED flood light could be a big concern. Here are a few key factors to consider:

1. Brightness

The target of luminaire brightness is to effectively illuminate the right area, providing enough light for better working, recreation, and safety conditions for personal activities. The followings are referential lux levels standard for some conditions:


Lux level Recommendation

Sports Stadiums ( Football, Basketball, tennis, Badminton, Ice

Hocky, ETC.)

150-2000 Lux


5-20 Lux


15-30 Lux


5-15 Lux

Car Parkings

5-30 Lux

Building fagade

10-100 Lux

Highlight signs

10-100 Lux

Industrial Areas

200-500 Lux

These are estimations only and may not be applicable on every occasion.

2. Color Temperature (CCT)

Different CCT can be used in different places and conveys different feelings. Warm light (which is under 3000K) makes people feel comfortable and cozy, and the white light (around 5000K) makes people feel quiet and light, and cold light (6000K) is a little bluish, giving people a cool feeling. The most usual CCT for LED outdoor floodlights is 5000K or 4000K, and other users can choose other kinds of color temperatures according to their preferences.


3. Flood Light Control

Good light distribution can emit more light to the target place, take full advantage of the light, reduce extra light which can interference neighbors’ activity and avoid light pollution. LED flood lights usually can be adjusted for distribution angles, ranging from 5 ° to 180 °, and users can adjust it according to personal requirement. It can be said that good light control should minimize the impact on the environment.

4. Quality Of LED Outdoor Flood Lights

Except the factors of the brightness, color temperature and light controls, users should also consider the quality issues. Outstanding LED outdoor flood lights usually have excellent light efficiency, reasonable design, good waterproofing & dustproof grade, good heat dissipation ability. At current standard, LED outdoor flood light should more than 120lm/W, and have a long life span longer than 100,000 hours. Besides, no less than 5 years of warranty.

5. Safety and Efficiency Approvals

The last and most important factor to note - safety certifications. There are many safety certifications and energy efficiency certification standards for LED products, for example, CCC in China, UL in North America, SAA in Australia, etc. What I noticed are minimum safety requirements for LED lighting fixtures. Choosing a LED floodlight that matched with the relevant certification is vital to protect the buyers’ safety. In addition, energy efficiency certified luminaires can also help users have great return, eg. Higher efficiency and higher cost-efficiency.

Top Led Outdoor Lights from Yaham Lighting

Usually led outdoor lighting is divided into four categories: led high mast lighting, led area lighting, led street lighting and port lighting.

Area lighting is generally site lighting fixtures that illuminates a large outdoor spaces. They are used in parking lots, walkways, building grounds, streets and surrounding areas. The main purpose of outdoor area light is to increase safety and provide security.

We have Sign lighting, Tennis Court lighting and construction lighting.

Led Outdoor Sign Lighting

Outdoor Sign Lighting is also known as billboard lighting and facade lighting. It can give a soft and evenly distributed light, illuminating signs on the ground or very large. This is a very cost-effective way to get results without spending a lot of money on neon lights or fiber.

Rana LED Flood Light

It has super slim design blended perfectly into all exteriors. It is waterproof of IP65, this means it is fully protected against dust and solid objects. Plus it is protected against water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle. This product has used the advanced Hi-G technology (Graphene technology) which performs ability of supreme thermal dissipation. It has precise beam angles to optimize application efficiency and minimize glare effectively. As an outstanding outdoor lighting, it also passed the 5G vibration testing, in order to ensure that the products are robust and perform safely during operation or transit.

Luxon Led Flood Light

This light is equipped with 130lm/w, can save more than 80% energy-saving. Maximum lights are directed to their targets. The ability of waterproof, dustproof and mechanical impact resistant is enhanced by IP65 and IK10.

Due to advanced design, this light is perfect in uniformity, and no dark areas among lights and nearly can cover every corner of the light.

Led Tennis Court Lighting

When installing tennis court lighting, we mainly concern two points: cost-effective and usability. Yaham can provide the most cost-effective led lights for your project which can save more than 70% energy. Besides, the products have good illumination levels and even distribution of light across the whole ground (uniformity) to ensure good visibility enabling both players and spectators to watch the progress.

Tri LED Area Light

This product support NEMA photocell, so the light would automatically turn on/off, and realize additional 50% brightness at midnight. With an efficacy higher than 140lm/W, it is more energy-saving than ordinary products. A level of ip66 enables to protect against powerful water jets. It is also easy to install in playground, tennis court, swimming pools, parking lots, plazas, courtyards, pathways, etc. You might be bothered by the mounting methods, do not worry, 7 different mounting options you can choose, round pole mounting or square pole mounting any you like!

Shoebox LED Area Light

This LED light is mainly designed for sports court and area lighting. Due to its 130 lm/W LED chips for efficiency, it saves you up to 65% in energy use compared to traditional sports lighting.

The durability is greatly enhanced by IP66 waterproof design, which is essential to function well in harsh rainy weather. In addition, die-cast design for high wear resistance can withstands harsh outdoor conditions, passive cooling maximizes heat dissipation for a longer life of the luminaire. This product has 5 years warranty.

Its input voltage is 100 to 277V, hence it is suitable for almost every country. It has optional 3000K~5000K cool white color temperature, which is fits for most professional sports playground.

Besides, Yaham Lighting can afford most of the rated wattage: 120~600W is optional.

Led Construction & Job Site Lighting

Construction crews could be called upon to work in virtually any environment under the sun, and they are usually working against the clock. For build sites with long hours, proper construction lighting is a necessity to ensure the safety of workers and to stay on schedule.

Yaham Lighting has a vast array of lighting and portable power distribution units that can suit virtually any construction environment.

Teo Led Flood Light

This product can be applicated to jobsite lighting, including general constructions, emergency and disaster relief, rental markets, etc. It is safe to use since it has qualified with certification of ETL, CE, CB and SAA. IP66 waterproof feature makes it suitable for wet and dust environment. In performance, this is a 200W LED coming with 28000 lumen output. With professional glare shield to avoid spill light and directing lights to desired target, it provides 5000K cool white color temperature, which is fits for constructions without any sunlight.

Led Porting Lighting

In recent years, globe's ports have developed rapidly, and port construction has ushered in upgrades. LED port lights have no flicker, no infrared ultraviolet, no radiation, high color rendering and strong light directivity. Besides, it should be shock-proof, can provide a comfortable light space, and will not do harm to people's physical health.

Lumiway 3 Led Flood light

If you are looking for an affordable LED light that will stand the test of time in a wet area like pool, harbor and ports, Lumiway 3 LED Flood Light 400W LED flood light is inevitablely to be the best one. We have cooperated with port of San Francisco and it is a great success.

With a color temperature of 5000K daylight white, it is extremely bright and a great fit for the night. Its exquisite body is corrosion-proof perfectly adapted to harsh environment.

No matter for outdoor or indoor using condition, it is capable of lasting for quite a long period of time. It passes the 5G viberation testing, ensure the products are robust and perform safely during operation or transit.

Featuring with specilized lens, minimal wind area, and large lumen output, lumiway 3 LED flood light is one of the most professional and economic ideal solution for various large area lighting. While it is extremely cheap, it features 400W LED and 52,000lm -156,000lm. It is good for indoor and outdoor sports court lighting but if you want a light capable of illuminating a wide range area, the Lumiway 3 100W LED Flood Light is the perfect pick for you.

If you are in need of any led outdoor flood light, do remember to contact us. We are professional supplier of outdoor LED Flood Light.





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