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How To Choose The Right LED Round UFO High Bay?

by YAHAM | Aug 17, 2020 | Lighting products | 916

Due to the characteristics of its shape, the LED round high bay is also called ufo high bay. Currently, the LED round ufo high bay products are very mature. The compact appearance and high light efficiency can meet the requirements of various indoor and semi-indoor places. Generally, people will associate the LED round ufo high bay with the lighting of factories and warehouses. In fact, it can be widely used in more places. For example, the school's auditorium, toll stations, indoor stadiums, large supermarkets, automobile exhibition halls, etc.

The important structures of the LED round ufo high bay

The main structural feature of LED round ufo high bay is compactness. Compared with traditional high bay , it is not only very small in size, convenient for transportation and installation, but also light in weight and not prone to safety accidents. The LED round ufo high bay is mainly composed of the following parts:

1. LED chip

The structure of the LED round ufo high bay is designed to make the LED chips dissipate heat quickly and effectively during working. The performance of the LED chips will affect the light efficiency, luminous decay and lifespan of the whole lighting fixtures. The round light-emitting surface can maximize the range of lighting and the ground illumination is relatively uniform.


2. Heat sink

LED chips will heat up when they are working, and overheating will affect the lifespan of the LED chips. Therefore, the heat sink design of the LED round ufo high bay is to allow the LED chips to dissipate heat in time and maintain efficient and durable lighting. The material of the heat sink is generally aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity. Magnesium-aluminum alloy is a new heat sink material in recent years and the feature of the magnesium-aluminum is light weight and excellent heat dissipation performance.

3. Light distribution

Optical design is a very important part of lighting. Different installation heights and ground illuminance requirements need different optical design. With the same luminous efficiency, the power and light distribution of the LED round ufo high bay can affect the ground illumination, while more power means more power consumption, so the light distribution can play a better role in this situation. The common light distribution of LED round ufo high bay is 120°, and the narrower light distribution is 90° and 60°. If your installation height is higher than 5m or the requirement of the ground illuminance is more than 200lux, you should better choose narrow light distribution to meet lighting need.


How to choose a LED round ufo high bay

At present, there are many kinds of LED round ufo high bays on the market, how to choose the right one? The following four aspects can help you judge whether this lighting fixture is suitable for purchase and use.

1. Light efficiency

Generally speaking, high light efficiency means better energy-saving. It is believed that under the same ground illumination requirements, higher light efficiency of the LED round ufo high bay means that you can achieve the same ground illumination with lower wattage. It has a very intuitive impact on enterprise energy conservation. However, higher light efficiency does not mean better. First of all, high light efficiency lighting fixtures may also mean faster luminous decay. Therefore, you need IES LM-80, IES LM-79 and L70 reports to help you judge whether the LED chips can maintain high luminous efficiency for a long time. On the other hand, you also need to understand the UGR of the LED round ufo high bay. The higher the light efficiency often means higher UGR value. If the UGR value is too high, it will cause uncomfortable visual experience. Therefore, when you choose light efficiency product, please be sure to choose the products with appropriate UGR value according to the lighting requirements of your project.

2. Performance

Good heat dissipation performance and lighting performance in different extreme environments are important criteria for judging the quality of the LED round ufo high bay. The temperature rise test report can give a good feedback on whether the heat dissipation performance of the LED round ufo high bay is excellent. If the temperature rise test report shows that the temperature of the LED chip is too high, it will seriously affect the performance of the lighting and cause serious light decay of the lighting fixtures. At the same time, the corrosion resistance and impact resistance level also need to be professionally tested to ensure that the LED round ufo high bay can be used safely. High and low temperature impact test and high and low temperature start-up test can show the working performance of lighting fixture in extreme environments. In some special applications, such as the environment where the ambient temperature up 50℃ or high humidity and high salt fog, you need to communicate with the lighting supplier whether the LED round ufo high bay can work normally in these environments, and obtain the corresponding test reports to ensure you the lighting fixtures are suitable for you.

3. Certification

Since each country has different requirements for LED round ufo high bays, it is necessary to understand what certification is required for lighting in your country. Products that meet the certification can ensure safe use in the country. At the same time, some special applications need special certification. For example, food processing factories need to be certified by the domestic food processing management agency, and chemical factories need explosion-proof certification.

4. Intelligent control

LED lighting fixtures have the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, if the lighting fixtures equipped with intelligent control system, the efficiency of energy saving will be further improved. Usually in Europe, LED round ufo high bays require DALI dimming function or 1~10V/0~10V dimming function. If your project is a warehouse, you can also consider equipping the LED round ufo high bay with a motion sensor, which can sense the movement of people and goods at any time to switch on or off the lights. If you need to adjust the brightness of the light according to the ambient illuminance, you can also choose the LED round ufo high bay with illuminance sensing smart module, so that your indoor place can maintain the same illuminance at any time.

At present, most of the LED round ufo high bays have 5 years warranty , so if you choose products according to the needs of the project and the quality of the LED round ufo high bays,  the lighting fixtures can work for a long time. If you want to know more information, please feel free to consult YAHAM Lighting.





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