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Various LED Sport Lights For Sport Courts

by YAHAM | Dec 28, 2018 | Lighting products | 1223

Adequate lighting for sports stadiums is essential for the ongoing recreations and events. A good lighting solution not only means to extend sporting time, but also enables improved safety, better visual experience and significant energy saving. Thus, the demands for LED sports lighting solutions are booming. As industry leading Industrial and Outdoor Lighting solution provider, Yaham lighting has developed various LED sport lights to fulfill the growing demands for high quality sports lighting.

LED Sport Lights For Small Sports Courts

For small sports courts, low wattage LED sport lights with wide beam angles generally work well to reach the most frequently required lux levels.

Such sports courts including single badminton courts, Volleyball courts, Basketball courts etc. they generally require 200lx, 300lx, or 500lx for outdoor lighting, and a higher level for indoor lighting.

Generally,150w-300W LED sport lights would work great, and they can also be used to replace traditional 450W~1000W MH/HPS lamps, and save up to 70% on energy consumption. For example, 8pcs100W LED Flood Lightswould be perfect to light up an amateur level basketball court with average 75lx.

For such sports courts, Rana Led Flood Lights, Tri LED Flood Lights, and Lumiway 3 LED flood lights are recommended.

LED Sport Lights For Medium Sports Courts

For medium sized sports courts, large wattage LED sport lights and more precise beam angles are required to reach ideal lighting performance.

Such sports courts including multiple courts for above mentioned ones, tennis courts, Cricket courts, Handball courts, Baseball courts, Hockey Courts etc.

Generally, 300W t0 600W LED sport lights are required to fully illuminate these courts with enjoyable lighting performance. For example, 6pcs 450W LED sport lights will perfectly illuminate a tennis court with average 300lx and great uniformity.

For such sports courts, Compact S LED High Mast Lights, Tri LED High Mast Lights and Lumiway 3 LED High Mast lights are recommended.

Lumiway 3 LED Sport Lights for Tennis Courts

LED Sport Lights For Large Stadiums

For large sized sports courts, higher wattages and narrower beam angles for LED sport Lights are essential, so the players can perform well, spectators can see clear, and if televised, the cameras can catch every scene clear and timely. 

Such sports courts including Football pitches, Rugby fields, Ice Hockey fields, etc. Generally, 800W above wattages will be needed, which are able to replace more than 2000w MH lamps. For example, generally 24 pieces 1200W LED Sport Lights with around 20-degree beam angle are necessary to illuminate a football courts with average 200lx and ideal uniformity. 

For such sports courts, Compact S LED High Mast Lights and Tri LED High Mast Lights are recommended.

Compact S LED Sport Lights for Football pitch lighting

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