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8 Factors On Led Stadium Lights

by YAHAM | Feb 22, 2019 | Lighting products | 1098

The market of stadium lighting is growing fast and is predicted to reach about $622.2 million by 2023. There are several main factors that are boosting the demand for LED stadium lights, including upcoming sports events, enhanced stadium experiences of fans and players, reduced energy consumption and its super long lifetime. 

Led Stadium Lights

To choose a satisfying LED stadium lights that best suit your stadiums, there are several factors you should consider.

1. To be clear of the parameters of stadium or sports court, including the length, width, pole positions, pole heights, etc. There are necessary to decide the suitable LED stadium lights, and useful to do lighting layouts.

2. Be clear of the lux level you need for the stadium or sports court. The light level differs for amateur playing, local games, national events, and international events. Take football pitch for example, there are 200lx, 500lx, 750lx, 2500lx, 3500lx for options as per FIFA’s suggestion.

3. Knowing about the working voltage for LED stadium lights. The usual voltages are 100-277V AC, however, there are always high voltage in demands, eg, 347V AC in Canada, 415V AC in Australia, 480V AC in US.

4. Choose suitable mounting methods for LED stadium lights. For reconstruction stadiums, there are existing poles, so mounting methods of LED stadium lights must be compatible with the poles. And for new constructions, it’s also necessary to match the stadium lights with poles.

5. Consider Maintenance. Maintenance could be a big concern for LED stadium lights, because the lamps are always mounting very high. In fact, separable electric box mounting in bottom of poles would be a good practice for those that concern about maintenance.

6. Make sure to do some layout/simulation on professional Lighting software and by professionals, to check the theoretical lighting results before your actual purchase and install the stadium lights. So, you can figure out if the wattage, beam angle, and direction are reasonable, and if the results fulfill application requirements.

7. Take care about the environment and avoid light pollution. Don’t bother the neighbors when you are enjoying fantastic sports playing. You will need proper beam angle and precise light control of LED stadium lights, which will not only avoid light pollution, but also enable best lighting results and maximize application efficiency.

8. Last but foremost, choose the LED stadium lights with reliable quality. This will not only help to achieve best lighting results, but also minimize the risk of failure and reduce the operation costs throughout its lifecycle. You may find quality LED stadium lights here: www.yahamlighting.com

To achieve supreme stadium lighting is quite a complex job. Don't forget to consult the professionals. And no matter now or in the future, you always have Yaham Lighting as a reliable partner in sports, traffic, and industrial lighting.

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