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Different Applications of LED Street Light Fixture

by YAHAM | Aug 05, 2019 | Lighting products | 1845

In the first half of 2019, China's lighting industry exports totaled approximately US$21.86 billion, an increase of 4.08 percent from last year. The proportion of LED lights is also increasing. The led products such as LED high bay lights, LED linear lights, LED flood lights, LED landscape lights, LED street light fixtures and led tunnel lights are gradually becoming the main force. 

However, the LED market is also more diversified due to more types of products, more diverse channel types, and more dispersed markets. Here, for the segment market of LED streetlights, we know that LED streetlight also have different applications.

LED street light fixtures can be applicate to many cases, according their appearance/beam angle/mounting methods. Nowadays, LED street light fixture is become more and more fashion shapes, high energy saving LED luminaires are designed to replace the traditional lamps such as HID and MHL and terminal area roadway operations residential streets, main streets and other lighting area, collecting roads lighting, square lighting, and outdoor and logistic area in industry. LED street light fixtures have a variety of light distribution options, which is important in achieving the desired illumination. In addition to LED street light fixture we also offer LED high bay light, LED area light, LED flood light and LED high mast light for all kinds area lighting. 

When a LED street light fixture comes in many wattages, light distribution and installation methods, its applications is much wider. More and more LED street light fixture is come with photocell to save energy and realize intelligence functions. The photocell can automatically detect the weather to decide if it needs to be light up or not, such as at dusk, dawn, or dark weather.

Ring Expressway Lighting

The big wattages can be used in ring expressway lighting. And its installation height is up to 12-15m with 200W-300W. The ring expressway lighting don’t need too much lights, just install on the entrance. These street lights help drivers to drive safely.

Intersection Lighting

These street lights are often used at road and street intersections, and drivers must make quick decisions when discover the potential hazards, so that the LED street light fixture should be placed at close intervals to Keep the light uniformity and to eliminate eye strain for drivers.

Street Lighting

There are kinds of streets in rural and urban, e.g. main streets, secondary streets and so on. Different street modes match with different street light styles, different wattages and different light distribution.

Square Lighting

People would spend more time to dance/chat/play in square in night, so that it is become importance to people in their life about the square lighting. Square Lighting usually use LED Area light and LED flood light, however, there are many LED street light manufactory also develop the right light distribution to meet the square lighting, in order to cut cost and expand the diversity of products features.

Outdoor And Logistic Area In Industry

As we know, any large warehouses and logistics areas, with a large space in front of the entrance to facilitate vehicles passing through the area and as loading or unloading area. Therefore, this large space needs to use the lighting of the luminaire at night to avoid the existence of dark areas, otherwise it maybe will increase the driver's blind area and increase the potential risk.

Yaham, as a LED street light manufacturer, has professional experience in streetlight design and production. We'll go through these scenarios and talk about the different LED street light fixtures.

Types of LED Street Light Fixture Application

Edge LED street light fixture application

Edge LED Street Light Fixture

Various wattages with 60W/100W/150/200W/240W and 140lm/W Highly energy efficiency for up to 70% energy saving. Featuring with high efficiency, professional lens and tool-less maintenance, Edge LED street light fixture is a more professional and intelligent light for roadway lighting, which is designed with photocell daylight sensor to further reduce the energy loss and increase its performance.

Edge solar LED street light fixture

Edge solar LED Street Light Fixture

There are 180lm/W high efficiency and 10W/20W wattages to meet pathway, park, rural roads and residential roads. All-in-one Solar LED street light fixture is a cost-effective and durable certification solutions for kinds of street at night without neediness for standard electrical power. Yaham Edge LED solar street light, with intelligent control system and PIR sensor to realize the unified management of lights, photovoltaic panels utilize flexible solar panel and automatic charging and discharging by intelligent light sensor to further increase potential power savings.

Slim LED street light fixtures application

Slim LED Street Light Fixture

Slim LED street light fixture, with 3 types, integrated driver, isolated driver and solar system, all of them are made of die-cast technology with the same material, and different power supply system to meet more different area requirements. Adopts Nichia LED chip with anti-blue-ray and lighting uniformity and long life and professional secondary optical lens to meet roads lighting. It is applied for streets, path, sidewalk, urban and rural roads lighting.

Briway LED street light fixtureS application
Briway LED Street Light Fixture

Various power range 60W/80W/120W/150W/200W, with optical secondary light dissipation technology, makes the light more focused and perfect for all road lighting applications, ranging from cycle paths to multi-lane roundabout. Advanced LED technology and eco-friendly material to achieve Human-center design. Control gear tightness level up to IP65 and IK08 impact resistance to protect the lamp from environ-mental extremes.

Turbo LED Catenary Luminaire street light fixtures

Turbo LED Catenary Luminaire

Turbo LED Catenary Luminaire, which designed with advanced integrated driver with lightweight, is the ideal solution for lighting urban spaces, footpaths and cycling paths as its stylish rondure shape and ingeniously fits into the most diverse settings. The Turbo luminaire can deliver improved visual comfort due to low glare optical system with Nichia chips. It adopts the advanced Hi-G thermal grease as its thermal fillers and enhances a superb thermal dissipation and higher efficacy. Its housing is made of die-casting combined with waterproof technology. The catenary lights provide warm white light without up-lighting. It can be used where the installation of poles is not possible. Various power range 80W/100W/120/150W/200W to meet kinds of roads lighting.

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