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Professional LED Street Light Manufactory

by YAHAM | Apr 02, 2019 | Lighting products | 1417

Yaham lighting shows its products in outdoor locations would pay more attention to street lighting than other led light enterprises, but for most led street light manufactory, street lighting is unprofessional. Yet, it is the first and the last impression about the professional street lighting about the LED street light style in led street lighting solution.
led street light manufactory
Yaham Lighting understands the importance of street lighting. As a led street light manufactory, our LED street lighting systems will improve the overall environment of roads lighting by providing uniform lighting that eliminates shadows and dark spots, that increase drivers' sense of safety and security by the uniform lighting.
Edge LED street light led street light manufactory

Why do We Need Install Street Light?

Street lighting means it is provided on the roads to provide the necessary visibility to vehicles and pedestrians at night. Street lighting can improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and help improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety. In addition, it can beautify the city.

The purpose of setting lighting on streets in cities is to create a good visual environment for motor vehicle drivers.

The Advantages of LED Street Light Factory

LED street lights deliver lot of benefits to government that operate the traffic lighting:

Slim LED street light led street light manufactory

Superior Economic Performance

LED street lights manufacturer will consider providing the better lighting and substantially the lower electric bills in using led lights for their customers. Most LED lights will continue to provide solid lighting performance for at least up to 100,000 hours to reduce a lot operator’s maintenance costs.

TRI LED street lightPerfect Illumination Uniformity

A professional led factory, that knows what is the best lighting requirements for roads, streets and other pathways, especially it lasts for study several years. LED factory always own well-financed efforts to help advance new technologies to the market with the appropriate products to different style roads in better lighting uniformity. They will pay more attention and financial sufficiency on optical lens for becoming a well-positioned supplier in lighting solution. Yaham lighting LED street light fixtures are available with several different optic configurations to provide optimum beam dispersion across any streets.

Shoebox LED street light led street light manufactory

Durability and Stability

Weather extremes and other environmental conditions come under more pressure on LED lights that are exposed to those conditions. Yaham lighting led street light fixtures adopt aluminum construction, anti-corrosion technology that can stand up for extreme weather with not reduce their performance. There are IP66 rating protection in all led street lights, which indicates that they are dust proof and moisture proof. If a LED light is harmed by careless driving or inevitable accident, the modular design of those fixtures facilitates fast and easy repairs without effecting on other led lights working.

Human-centered Solutions

If a LED light factory would like to be sustainable development, they need to consider more about harmony between man and nature. Yaham lighting uses green environmental protection material in its LED lights. When fixtures reaching the life limit, it can be recycled easily without special handling so that sustainability with LED lighting.

SafeGuard LED landscape light

Following are the most popular led street lights in Yaham Lighting:

Edge Led Street Light

This product comes with high-efficient brand led chip to get the stable performance, which is up to 70% energy saving. It adopts chips 140lm/w and provide 8400 lumens if you need a 60W light.

It features IP66 IK08 protection rating, so it can still function well in harsh weather. Besides, the quality can be guaranteed since it qualifies certification of CE, ETL Intertek, SAA and ENEC. Edge LED Street Light is also a professional and intelligent light for municipal lighting, which is designed with photocell daylight sensor to further reduce the energy loss and increase its performance.

Edge Solar Led Street Light

Led solar street light is becoming a new trend, and it is leading the new direction of the street light industry. In order to follow the trends, Yaham Lighting launched a new series of led street light - Edge Solar.

This product comes with intelligent control system and PIR sensor to realize the unified management of lights. Its photovoltaic panels utilize poly-crystalline silicon solar cells, and automatic charged and discharged by intelligent light sensor for further increasing potential power savings.

This product can provide 5 years warranty for lamp and 3 years warranty for battery. With unique technology for its LED chips, the efficiency can be up to 180lm/w.

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