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Decision in LED Street Light Retrofit

by YAHAM | Sep 10, 2019 | Lighting projects | 1313

Street light is a basic foundation kit in roads to guarantee the security from accidents. and they are related to happiness and reducing unfortunate events. Currently, street light is a led device to use in outdoor lighting and they mainly consist of a capacitor, a resistor, with a triode and a MOS tube, and a basic composition that makes it common to many components.

In addition to those mentioned above, it also has the fact that it does not contain mercury that is destructive to the earth and our health, and is more convenient in terms of ecological treatment. LED street light become more safe, besides, it is can operated steadier in low voltage condition. In addition, LED street lights have a better visual experience with a longer lifespan about 100,000 hours and they are more energy saving, with high light efficiency.

Therefore, LED street light retrofit is getting faster and faster. In terms of retrofits, manufacturer for LED street light retrofit replacement in HID and HPS with simply and easily installation, can realize to quickly adjustable LED lighting without any problems.

LED street lights retrofit

What Circumstance Can Be Considered Of Going On LED Street Light Retrofit

Generally, the condition for replacing the luminaire is mainly because the existing lamp life reaches the critical point. First, there is more energy loss in existing led street light, well-worn appearance, would have an effect on the beauty of city. Secondly, it is not compatible with the kit to be replaced, cannot be replace the parts alone. Thirdly, we no longer live in a world, MHL and HID lamps do not have the point of saving energy, no intelligent control system, and no unified management function, so that they cannot keep up with the pace of society. Last and the most importance, nowadays the lamp’s design pursues human-oriented and promote green environmental protection, which is what traditional lamps cannot achievement. Only new modernity LED lamps can meet the relevant requirements. Therefore, thinking of these factors, more and more countries are going to start the LED street light retrofit.

How To Choose The Fit And Perfect LED Street Light

It is a smart choice to go on LED street light retrofit, because traditional lamps not only expensive but also inefficient. Today, LED lights dominate in lamp market, making the more need for led street lights. Because of the Increase in demand, manufacturers have also increased significantly, so that fraud is also increasing. Therefore, you need to keep a clear head when purchase the LED streetlights.
Please remember that if you make a mistake choice, you would pay more fee and energy, there are unlike the indoor lighting, it needs more works to install, so the reducing unnecessary installation costs are also particularly important in LED street light retrofit.
In order to choose the fit and perfect led street lights, we need to take their quality factors in mind.

1. Power Supply: Protection Rate And Intelligent Technology

Let us discuss that how the drivers and the whole structure affect you to make a good decision. 
LED street light are used for outdoor environment, so that the power conditions are critical, especially in southeast Asia. The power supply must fight against the worst electric conditions, such as lightning strikes during the rainy season, therefore, the power supply must have good surge protection and high voltage protection, otherwise, failure may occur at any time.

The following are the quality factors for good power supply:

Minimum 10KV surge protection

IP66 protection rated

Ground connection with surge protection.

Overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over current, short circuit protection.

Power supply can be easily replaced in the field without tool-free and removing it from the pole.

Adopts the isolated driver solution.

2. LED Street Light Construction:

Maybe you will wonder why the LED chip is not the most important one. Actually, if you choose the best power supply, LED chips have unlimited life in theory, that is because LED chips is a solid-state hardware with its efficacy decreases over time. There are many outdoor lights, especially led street lights, they would be damaged by its own poor structure, but it is not the only one factor, may have more reasons, here are some examples:

Waterproof rating does not meet the standard requirements

The radiator has no anti-corrosion coating

The luminaire does not have sufficient pressure resistance

Waterproof rubber ring is not good quality

A Good LED Street Light Structure Must Have The Following Qualities

Anti-corrosion coating to withstand harsh weather

Professional secondary optical lens

IP66 and IK08 protection rated

Rugged appearance for weather protection like typhoon weather

Using outdoor special stainless-steel screws and other exposed accessories

Aluminum alloy material with chemical treatment to resist rusting

Other Important Factors For Best Quality LED Street Light

The distribution of street lights

Uniformity of light distribution

Standard of average illumination

Lumens (Light output) of streetlight

The light is distributed asymmetrically by professional lens.

Less attractive to insects at night

Low glare to avoid affecting the driver's

Also consider following factors for streetlight wattage and Pole height: the standard of installation space for led street lights 

3-6-meter height poles are suitable for below 100 watts

4-8-meter height poles are suitable for 100-150 watts

8-12-meter height poles are suitable for above 150 watts

Different watts, light distribution and protection rated to meet different roads lighting. Yaham lighting has done a lot of projects in road lighting, including but not limited to rural roads, ring roads, motorways, municipal roads and space areas lighting before large warehouse and so on. In the street lighting solution, Yaham Lighting has accumulated rich experience and strong technology, and cooperation with the customer's service always achieved 100% customer satisfaction.
There are many perfect and fit LED street lights in https://yahamlighting.com, if you want to get more details, please feel free to contact us.

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