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Multifunctional LED Tri-proof Light

by YAHAM | Dec 10, 2019 | Lighting products | 2067

LED Tri-proof light means water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof made by lasted LED technology. In order to realize the protection requirements, LED triproof light is usually made of special corrosion-proof materials. To preventing water and dust from entering, the end where the cable comes out of the luminaires, there are water-proof connectors for seamless connection, which can also secure the cable. LED Tri-proof light is widely used in food processing factory, clean room, production workshop, parking area, pharmaceutical factory lighting solutions or traditional T5 / T8 fluorescent Tri-proof light replacement. Zoe series LED Tri-proof light from Yaham lighting has multiple expansion functions, which can support plug-and-play solutions, emergency solutions, motion sensor solutions, CCT adjustable solutions, and dimming solutions, covering 99% of indoor and semi-indoor lighting applications.

led tri-proof light

1.LED Tri-proof light with high-quality lighting

The light efficacy of Zoe series LED Tri-proof light is up to 140lm/W. The wattage range is 20W/40W/60W, so the maximum lumens can reach 8400lm which can replace 100~150W traditional fluorescent Tri-proof light, bringing brighter lighting. Furthermore, the CRI of Zoe LED Tri-proof light is as high as Ra85, which have good color reproduction for food, pharmaceutical products or other items, also ensure better protection for the eyes.

Anti-glare, with low UGR. Zoe is equipped with milky diffuser, brings soft and warm light that is good for our eyes. Especially when the luminaires are mounted in the parking area, light with low UGR is safe for drivers.

2.Reliable material, more durable LED Tri-proof light

Zoe series LED Tri-proof light adopts international famous brand LED chips to provide customers with efficient and durable lighting. The whole luminaire is made of PC material which has better anti-aging performance than the Tri-proof light made of PVC. It can still keep working in extreme environments, such as: low temperature, humidity and slight corrosion. And all parts of the Zoe LED Tri-proof are made of non-toxic materials, which will not cause pollution to the environment.

3.LED Tri-proof light with high protection

The general protection level of the LED Tri-proof light is IP65, but Zoe can provide better protection. The protection level is up to IP66, which can protect from total dust ingress and high pressure water jets from any direction, limited ingress protection. It requires less maintenance and has a long service life. IK10, can be protected against a 5 Kg object dropped from 40 cm in height. It can perfectly cope with complex semi-outdoor environments, such as parking areas.

    led tri-proof light

4.Multiple expansion functions Tri-proof Light

(1)Plug-and-play design

Zoe LED Tri-proof light can be quickly plugged in and out, making installation and maintenance more convenient and faster. Moreover, several LED Tri-proof lights can be connected in series through serial cables, making wiring easier and faster.

(2)Emergency function

Zoe can provide emergency power solutions, and the emergency module is integrated, which ensures the integration of the entire light. In the event of an emergency power outage, the Zoe LED Tri-proof light can still provide 90 minutes of lighting to ensure personnel safety.

(3)Sensor solution

The microwave sensor of Zoe LED Tri-proof light can be personalized according to energy saving requirements, providing customers with smarter and more energy-efficient lighting. You can preset the lighting mode so that it can turn on the light on detection of people movement and turn off after a per-selected hold time when there is no people around. With microwave sensor, Zoe LED Tri-proof light can be lower power consumption, which means lower energy bills and less CO2 Emissions maximum energy saving.

(4)Dimming function

Zoe LED Tri-proof light can be equipped with 0-10V dimming/DALI dimming/Remote control dimming to meet different dimming needs. Equipped with a dimming system is the easiest and simplest way to save energy. Dimming system not only brings energy-saving, but allow you to create the right ambiance. Also, when you replace new luminaires, you can freely adjust the brightness of the luminaires to achieve the brightness you want.

(5)CCT adjustable function

3000K/4000K/5000K is adjustable. 3000K is a warmer color temperature, which can give warmth and comfort, suitable for use in service areas such as dining. 4000K can reduce the attraction of light to mosquitoes and inserts, suitable for semi-outdoor scenes and food processing factories. 5000K works well in environments where you want to promote alertness and calm, such as hospitals and public areas.

5.Hanging and ceiling mounting

Two installation methods of Zoe LED Tri-proof light cover different indoor and outdoor installation requirements. Hanging installation is mainly used in indoor and outdoor scenes without perforated ceilings. Ceiling installation is mainly used in indoor scenes such as clean rooms and food processing factories.

led tri-proof light

6.   Application of LED Tri-proof light

(1) Food processing factory

Food processing is the transformation of agricultural products into food, or of one form of food into other forms. LED Tri-proof light can prevent food, dust or dirt from accumulating and accumulating on the surfaces, and be able to withstand cleaning using high pressure water.

(2) Indoor garage and parking area

Parking area lighting needs to withstand the heavy dust, therefore, the luminaire must have a high degree of protection to ensure that the luminaire can maintain long-term normal work. At the same time, low UGR is also necessary. Soft lights can optimize the driver's driving and parking experience and reduce safety accidents. Zoe LED Tri-proof light is IP66 rating and equipped with milky PC cover to reduce glare, for perfect parking area lighting experience.

(3) clean room

Clean room lighting is usually an afterthought in clean room design because the main function of a clean room is to reduce pollution. Therefore, when deciding which type of luminaire to use, consider not only the level of illumination required for the process, but also how this lighting choice affects airflow and filtration.

Generally, the minimum illumination requirements for clean rooms are determined by the production of small, sensitive components. The lighting level must then be high enough for the process to be properly lit.

The required level of illumination depends on the task performed. For example, fine parts working on the work plane will require 1000 lux, while general assembly work will only require 500 lux.

Zoe LED Tri-proof light can provide enough lumens to ensure working well.

led tri-proof light





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