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LED Office Lighting Design Ideas

by YAHAM | Jul 31, 2020 | Lighting products | 1362

If you want to make office lighting ideas, whether at home or in the office, in addition to a desk and laptop, you also need to think about the comfortable light to make sure if it is suitable for working in a home office or not. That you can make your home office become a very comfortable area with a thoughtful design in lighting, it can make you more attentive and improve your concentration, because the equal lighting will make you more alert and more efficient. And the related LED technology can also reduce electricity bills.

Modern office can not only add beauty to corporate offices. Nowadays, most of the new offices take open office space lighting ideas, allowing the freedom for creative thinking, including the style and theme of the overall space. Casual shared working spaces with sofas and rest areas have become a major part of the company culture. An open floor can increase collaboration between departments and promote cross-departmental communication, besides, it also promotes transparency throughout the company and improve productivity, creativity and employee morale. In office, the right lighting as just as more about function as it is style.

When planning lighting ideas for home office, lighting and LED light fixtures are an important factor in creating appropriate aesthetics and lighting efficiency. Good lighting in the office can increase work efficiency by 3-25%. in addition, lights can have effect on the mood of employees. Through the combination of lighting design and modern lighting design, employees' work efficiency and work fun can be improved. It is important to make the office a comfortable, pleasant, and popular workplace. Because, employees spend 40 hours (or more) there a week.
High quality, high flexibility and high efficiency are the main features of Yaham lighting office lighting solutions. But office LED light fixtures are not more than just a little light that illuminates the eyes of employees in the dark, but also many factors need to be considered if you want to choose a suitable office lighting system. Of course, if you want to provide enough light for your employees in any corner of the office, you need to consider the cost and design. The lighting in the office should be perfectly matched with the architectural design, and the color should be synchronized with the atmosphere of the area. If employees feel comfortable under the light, it will motivate them to work. This is a good result. It is no easy to choose an office lighting, and we cannot hesitate in the slightest light pattern. In order to help customers do better choose in office led lights, we have some office lighting ideas.
Create an illumination requirement plan
When you need to purchase office lighting fixtures, the first step is to develop an office lighting plan. According to your plan and requirements, LED lighting experts can configure the lighting needs of your office, including telling you how many lights are needed, where to install, what size is appropriate, and what type of lights you should buy.
Choose the right lights
Choosing the right bulb has a great impact on the office environment. Fluorescent lights have been used in offices for many years. However, they can affect employee productivity, mood and creativity. They also consume a lot of energy and contain dangerous chemicals. Therefore, considering the impact of environment and human-oriented factors, the traditional lights are now replaced by LEDs. Not only are there choices in lamps, LED lights are also connected to smart control system, which makes LED lights no longer be lamps, but as a lighting solution to better solve the office lighting needs.
Pay attention to Natural lighting 
No matter how good the lighting is, it can’t compare to natural light. Because the light affects human emotions and behavior, natural light is more important. The good led chips can also reach a state near to natural light, so in offices with insufficient natural light, LED office lights should be another choice. The cool white light of the lamps can produce a calming effect in the office. It can greatly improve the emotions and behaviors of employees and make them more energetic.
The choice of color temperature
The choice of color temperature of office lighting also affects the mood and behavior of workers. LED lights in the office have a variety of different color temperatures. It should be warm to cool white, between 3000K and 5000K. The ray of light below 3000K is yellow, which will lead to low productivity of workers and make people drowsy, giving people a lazy feeling. The warm light can be used in the rest time when employees are relaxing. And it will make people feel warm in winter. In working time, 5000K, cool light is usually selected, which puts people in the working atmosphere, and can invigorate people and increase their enthusiasm for work.
The choice of color rendering index
The color rendering index can accurately show the original color of the material. Its range value is 0-100. The higher the CRI, the closer the color of things is to themselves colors. For commercial lighting fixtures, the color rendering index must be at least Ra85 and above, and the CRI of office fixtures must also be no less than Ra80. Therefore, office lamps also require high color rendering index. In the office, you must see the natural appearance of the object in order to distinguish things and complete the work better.
Recommendation of LED office lighting fixtures
In office lighting, Yaham lighting also has several styles led lights. They are all economical and practical, long-term development lighting solutions. The lamps can be connected with intelligent control system, with dimming function and CCT adjustable function. And they can be used with remote control, control panel or App control. The color temperature is between 3000K-5000K and the color rendering index is as high as Ra85. Yaham lighting’s commercial light is economical, easy-to-install and energy-efficient LED solution. Whether it is a school, hospital, office or shopping mall and store, they bring a stylish and economical lighting solution to all commercial, educational, medical, and retail applications.





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