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Professional Outdoor Sport Court Lighting- Argus

by YAHAM | Jan 03, 2020 | Lighting products | 1580

In the sports competition, the objective environment does affect the results to a great extent. As well as in the outdoor sports arena game, the situation is so intensive and any small difference might change the result. It is not just a game but also a game with strategy application, and creates the suspense as surprise. There are various outdoor factors that will affect the competition, one of the most important influencing factors is the lighting condition.

Bright lights on the football field are absolutely necessary. They can provide enough lighting for the game and others on the field, but also benefit fans, players, TV stations and administration. For example, the flexibility of the game allow spectators and visitors can easily shuttle the venue and enhance the fans’ experience.

How to arrange the football stadium and stadium lights poses a challenge to architects. If you plan to install lights in a football field or stadium, follow some tips to enlighten your inspiration of sports court lighting.

Tips For Installing Outdoor Sports Court Lighting

a. Multiple optional angles

Choose the light with various lens can maximum application efficiency. At the same time, if your light have the angle dial, it enable direct the light to exactly where it’s needed precisely and quickly.

b. With protection level

Usually, we will consider the effectiveness and longevity of football field lights. One factor for this problem is protection level. Because light is to some extent affected by objective environment, you cannot ignore this factors. Therefore, please check the ratings to ensure that they will work properly in inclement weather. They will function well not only in the rain but also other harsh environment.So if your light has waterproof、windproof and corrosion resistant protection level, remember it is more durable than ordinary one.

c. Glare ratings

Most people do not consider the glare rate when install the outdoor stadium lights, But we can’t deny that it is a necessary factor. When the glare is too much then it might cause visual discomfort to players and spectators. Football fields and stadiums depend on greatly the lighting system. They have increased the safety of inspectors and players. In addition, the light will influence the neighbors around the stadium. Before you install the lights, make sure you install them well and communicate with the nearby community to ensure the lights do not fall into surrounding buildings. Glare is an uncomfortable reflection of light that influence your view. Those extra lights usually caused by reflections from surface and walls. The light from metal halide and halogen bulbs tends to unstable and form shadows, creating a vague effect. In sports, this can be dangerous. For example, when the competition is on, glare can cause player temporary blindness, causing wrong shots. In races like cycling, if an athlete was affected, he deviates from the track then collides with another competitor, an accident may happen.

d. Getting an even Illumination

It is important to obtain evenly distributed lighting throughout the playing field. In a cricket match, observation objects (such as balls and ice hockey) move very quickly in random directions, and their angles can vary widely. For players, referees, and of course players who want to watch these actions, it is only possible if the sports court lighting is evenly distributed throughout the stadium.

e. Life span

Most people tend to choose a long-life lighting unit that can last months or years without needing to be replaced. LED sports court lighting is a good choice, and its rated life is usually 50,000 hours. Work only 12 hours a day, good LED lighting will last up to 11 years without any replacement. In addition to ensuring that the stadium is well lit, this can also help you save costs without having to worry about the lighting going out soon.

Your Ideal Outdoor Sports Court Lighting Solution - Argus

In order to better demonstrate the competitive effect, Yaham Lighting has developed a new product "Argus" for professional outdoor sports such as football, baseball, lacrosse and so on, with decades of experience in designing and making innovative lighting systems. Specially it used for 4K and HD broadcast recording to get the best TV and live audience viewing results, its main advantages are as follows:

  • 1.TLCI>95, easier for broadcasters to set up their cameras correctly and makes TV audience feel immersive.
  • 2.A variety of intelligent control optionals (such as DMX, PLC), can scientifically manage sports lighting.
  • 3.Advanced Hi-G technology maximizes heat dissipation for a longer life of the luminaire. 
  • 4.Glare free illumination avoids light pollution and any uncomfortable sensation or discomfort for the athletes with glare shield. 
  • 5.Proprietary optics produce the ideal light distribution for sports lighting, simultaneously high light efficiency saving you up to 65% in energy use compared to traditional sports lighting. 
  • 6.No electrical interference state-of-the art circuit system working perfectly with other systems, ultra-low EMI noise generation eliminating electrical interference.

Model No.




Rated Wattage




Luminous Flux






Beam Angle


Rated Voltage

AC100~277V , 50/60Hz


3000K/4000K/5000K Optional



Working Temperature

-40 ±45



Power Factor


Sports court lighting is a combination of art and science. Lighting is always an essential part. Argus will help you have the perfect match on the playing field. Yaham Lighting always gives you the best quality products at the most affordable price! If you plan to upgrade your old stadium lights to LED lights, you should make your decision to choose our light quickly. We provide sufficient lighting design experience to better assist your sports lighting projects.

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