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YAHAM lighting intelligent solutions help the construction of smart cities.

by YAHAM | Jan 08, 2023 | Lighting projects | 805

Lighting is one of the important symbols of urban modernization and civilization development. With the continuous innovation of lighting technology, YAHAM Lighting provides intelligent solutions with world-class quality, environmental protection and low carbon, and global lighting for lighting scenes in major cities and help the construction of smart cities.

Entertainment and Infrastructure

As citizens' entertainment life becomes more and more abundant and urban functions become more complex, the demand for lighting in urban entertainment and infrastructure is getting higher and higher.

YAHAM Lighting Australia Melbourne Swimming Stadium Project

YAHAM Lighting has rich experience in the lighting of cultural and entertainment facilities, especially in the lighting of sports venues. It can not only meet the highest standard of lighting standards for international events, but also meet the needs of 4K and HD broadcasting in venues.

In order to realize the venue lighting more conveniently, YAHAM Lighting has independently developed an intelligent control system, which can not only perform modern energy management, but also switch scenes with one key, making the venue lighting management more intelligent. Considering the problem of light pollution in outdoor venues, YAHAM Lighting products have also added an anti-light overflow design, which is with more urban humanistic care.

A Case Study of Russian HDTV Broadcast Grade Ice Hockey Stadium

YAHAM Lighting has developed a complete product series for urban infrastructure such as airports, ports, and stations, which can meet the requirements of different large, medium and small facilities, and realize intelligent lighting management on the basis of greatly reducing infrastructure carbon emissions.

In order to ensure the use safety, YAHAM lighting equipment has passed a professional 5G vibration test to ensure that the lamps can also illuminate normally in harsh outdoor environments.

Industrial and Logistics Park

YAHAM Lighting provides intelligent lighting support for modern industries, which can automatically adjust the lighting brightness according to ambient light, personnel dynamics, and time periods.

At the same time, YAHAM Lighting specializes in developing lighting equipment for logistics parks, which can provide stable and high-quality lighting solutions for super large logistics parks. The roads in the logistics park can be intelligently managed through smart light poles, integrating lighting, advertising, monitoring, charging, and Wifi to establish an efficient, real-time, and information-based industrial park network.

YAHAM Lighting Sydney Water Plant Project

Intercity Road Traffic Facilities

In order to meet the lighting requirements of different roads in the city, YAHAM Lighting has developed lighting equipment for urban arterial roads, urban secondary arterial roads, sidewalks, park roads, tunnels and other scenes. YAHAM lighting equipment has strong performance and can maintain normal operation in extremely bad weather to ensure the normal operation of urban traffic.

YAHAM Lighting's solar street light series products adopt highly integrated design to realize the integration of lighting equipment and solar panels, which not only greatly reduces the amount of installation work, but also makes the lighting equipment more aesthetically pleasing and more suitable for urban landscapes.

Case Study of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai Link Road Lighting

Urban commercial complex

Urban commercial complexes not only need to consider lighting comfort, but also highlight the aesthetics of commodities. YAHAM Lighting provides creative solutions for urban commercial complexes. The self-developed billboard lights have won an international patent, which solves the problem of dark areas in advertisements, improves the beauty of advertisement images by leaps and bounds, and attracts the attention of the crowd.

Plant factories and vertical farms

Plant factories and vertical farms are new models linking cities and agriculture. They can not only greatly increase agricultural production, but also improve urban land utilization and make full use of urban space.

YAHAM took the lead in cooperating with domestic plant lighting experts to develop lighting equipment suitable for urban agriculture. It has full-spectrum characteristics and adds insect repellent technology to realize pollution-free and pollution-free plant lighting, helping plant factories and vertical agriculture to achieve intensive production, and build an urban green and low-carbon ecosystem.

YAHAM Lighting always takes customer needs as the center, takes market trends as the direction of progress, continues to carry out product innovation and program innovation, and uses the most advanced lighting products to help the construction of smart cities.

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