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Janus intelligent lighting control system is a LED lighting control system based on PLC (Power Line Communication), whose signal is conveyed by the existing power lines. It does not need to install additional signal wire or wireless communication devices, signal and data can be transmitted directly by AC power lines.


50% Energy saving
Janus system increases energy saving efficiency to 50% by minimizing light wasting like excessive lighting, ineffective lighting, error lighting and redundant lighting at dusk and dawn, while LED lamps themselves are  40% energy saving than traditional lamps

Extend the lamps’ lifespan
Smart lighting control contributes to proper and reasonable light usage to greatly extend lamp’s lifespan;

Improve maintenance efficiency 
Lamp or facility inspection by person is time and labor consuming, especially inspection in large area. Utilization of Janus system can precisely and rapidly inspect light conditions to saving your time and bills.

Lighting as you want, intelligent lighting
Janus system helps to build flexible lighting system via considerate arrangement. Specific factors such as local condition, climate features, aesthetics, and others can be taken in consideration according to your demands before lighting arrangement. 

Basic functions


Software Operation Guideline

Once the system started, click anywhere on the welcome interface to activate. You have to wait for 10s for data synchronization, and then enter into the navigation interface. There are 5 navigation icons, “Lighting Control”, “Lighting Status”, “Scene Setting”, “Schedule”, and “System Setting”.

“Lighting Control” offers 4 controlling ways: “Global Dimming”, “Group Dimming”, “Scene Switch” and “Auto Switch”. 

(1)“Global Dimming”: all the lamps in the system being uniformly turned on or off or dimmed. You can click “On” or “Off” to switch. For dimming, remember to you have to click “Set” after you input the value.

(2) “Group Dimming”: Please select the group before adjustment (if the selected group has been noted during “Scene Setting”, the notes will be automatically displayed); after input the dimming value, click “Set” to finish the setting.

(3) “Scene Switch”: after settings finished in “Scene Setting”, you can switch various scenes here.

(4) “Auto Switch”: after settings finished in “Schedule”, choose "Auto Switch and click "Set",then the system would operate as scheduled.

Janus lighting control system

PLC solution characteristic as below:

PLC Protocol: DL/t645- 1997

PLC Modulation Mode: OFDM

PLC Center Frequency: 315kHz

PLC Maximum Bandwidth: 50kHz

Maximum Communication Rate: 150kbps

PLC Maximum Output Voltage: conform to DT/L698

Receive Sensitivity: <0.1mV

Network Route: distributed,dynamic route

Maximum Relay Level: 15th

In order to meet different applications requirements,Janus Main-controller is designed with 3 different installation methods:portable chassis, distribution cabinet, wall mounting

At the center of every Janus system is a Host. It enables other Savant devices to function properly, and helps them communicate with each other to enable the experience of factory automation.


  • / /

    Global Dimming+

  • / /

    Global Dimming-

  • / /

    Group Dimming

  • / /

    Scene Switch ON

  • / /

    Scene Switch OFF

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