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10 more tunnel lighting projects completed by Yaham Lighting

by YAHAM | Dec 14, 2018 | Lighting projects | 457

There are total 12 tunnels in the whole line of Jiehui Expressway. Among them, 10 long tunnels of Bafengshan, Xiaobeishan No.1, Xiaobeishan No.2, Paijinshan and Leilingfeng tunnels are equipped with lighting fixtures. There is no need to install lighting devices in Xiantian Tunnel because it’s too short. All the five locations are have two tunnels on the left and the right, four lanes wide and three in the section of Shantou. In Bafengshan Tunnels, there are 1248 LED tunnel lights. In Xiaobeishan No.1 Tunnels, there are 2314 LED tunnel lights. In Xiaobeishan No. 2 Tunnel, there are 1552 LED tunnel lights. In Paijinshan Tunnels, there are 1342 LED tunnel lights. In Leilingfeng Tunnels, there are 1103 LED tunnel lights. And for the all tunnels, in the entry are, there are 24 LED street lights installed.


Although the geological environment is complex, it still needs to be based on the safety concept of “people-oriented, safety first”, taking into considering the functions of tunnels, driving safety, natural environment and other factors, and comprehensive evaluation of the safety of the tunnel lighting design, lighting installation and operation of the lighting, to ensure that the tunnel lighting is in a controllable state during the whole life process. In order to accelerate the progress of the project, Yaham Lighting actively cooperated to quickly produce high-quality Lumiway3 LED tunnel lights, which were completed ahead of schedule within the required time limit, which greatly shortened the delivery time.

Yaham lighting Lumiway3 LED tunnel lights are used in many tunnel projects in many countries due to its high quality and convenience of intelligent control. It isn’t just a light, but a complete intelligent lighting solution, ensures the driving safety in the tunnel. Adhering to the people-oriented, safety-oriented, energy-saving ideas, all the LED lights are equipped with intelligent control system to achieve unified management, to achieve automatic reporting of faults, automatic adjustment of brightness,and remote control.

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