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Perfect Lights for Home Or Hotel Lighting

by YAHAM | Mar 10, 2021 | Company news | 398

So far, the main goal of LED lighting has been energy conservation. However, more and more lighting applications are beginning to focus on improving the quality of light.
In 2019, Nichia unveiled the advanced LED spectroscopy technology, called Vitasolis, at Lightfair International. The technology is incorporated into the 757 series and is shown to be a unique spectrum of stimuli designed to help control human circadian rhythms. Lighting is not the only factor that affects Circadian Rhythm, but it is the key factor. Some scientists believe that lighting can affect people’s mood, health and energy. A Japanese team has found that controlling the blue light band of leds could improve sleep, which could be used to develop sleep-friendly lighting.
The research result has shed New Light on the relationship between light and human behavior, known as Humans Factor in Lighting. Not only can humans recognize the brightness and color of light, but our circadian rhythm may be influenced by different wavelengths, especially the blue-green areas. For example, lighting can affect the activity in a day, including waking in the morning, daytime activity, and improve sleeping and increase sleeping quality at night, providing appropriate lighting depending on the time of day and the environment required, truly achieve people-oriented lighting experience. Humans Factor in Lighting, also known as comfort Lighting, refers to the light adjusted to the person’s schedule, and this Lighting concept originated In Europe, the purpose is to let people live in a comfortable lighting environment. Led is a light source which can be adjusted and controlled easily. It can be adjusted according to the biological cycle, but the spectrum distribution and color temperature conditions also should be considered.

People-oriented lighting is beginning to dominate the workplace, and “Humans Factor in Lighting” supports the natural human circadian rhythm by adjusting lighting to match the natural light of the sun, increasing comfort and efficiency. Flexible lighting design is also significant in enabling to better serve people of all ages.

Choice of Luminaires

Yaham Lighting led commercial light products design are based on Humans Factor in Lighting, in the guarantee of the basic function of LED, they pay more attention in the lighting needs of people working and resting, the study showed that people’s productivity at work is related to the lights. People tend to natural light. Sometimes cold white light can also stimulate people, making them more productive when workers are satisfied with the lighting conditions. Therefore, about led chips, Yaham lighting is the use of the Nichia 757 anti-blue light chips, with high CRI and high efficiency, stable performance, long life-span and so on. Expanded dimming function, color temperature adjustable function, users can be based on different places to set the lighting atmosphere as one’s wishes. Take ceiling lamp-Magi as an example, the ceiling lamp can be used in the corridor, family, clothing store, gallery, and other commercial lighting. Its CRI up to RA85, efficiency up to 100 lm/w, the intelligent functions can be freely available via customized, including dimming, color temperature adjustable, microwave sensor and emergency functions.

Light Distribution

Adopts 120 ° big angle lens, the Led chips can reach 360 ° freely lighting, with professional optical lens to make the light more uniform and the range of light is larger

Dimming function

The brightness of led lamp can be adjusted according to the scene environment or personal needs, Magi ceiling light adopts 0-10V dimming function, which can be set 30% brightness, 70% brightness, 100% brightness and so on.

Color temperature adjustable

There are 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K multicolor temperature optional, Magi ceiling light is designed to take into account not only the spectral energy distribution but also the color temperature, which represents the spectral composition of different light sources. The blue light color temperature is above 5300K, belongs to the high color temperature, has the bright feeling; on the contrary, the yellow light belongs to the warm color light, the color temperature is below 3000K, makes people feel more warmer, healthier and relax, it is suitable for the home, shopping mall and hotel.


Magi ceiling light has three sizes, 12W/18W/22W three wattages, and constant current drive with current output stability to make its life longer, so that can achieve energy saving and cost saving effect. Magi is the first choice for home and commercial space lighting. In the future, smart lighting systems will combine the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, to become an intelligent system with added value, showing the value of multiple applications of LED lighting technology.

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