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There are all the LED Flood Lights you may need for sports, area, and billboards lighting!

by YAHAM | Nov 09, 2018 | Lighting products | 151

LED Flood Lights are widely used in various outdoor and indoor scenes, including sports courts, stadiums, streets, squares, parks, open areas, parking areas, advertising, building facades, and industrial areas. The lighting requirements vary for every different application. 

As an industry-leading outdoor lighting provider, Yaham Lighting has offered wide ranges of LED flood lights to fulfill the various lighting requirements. Check below and find the best flood lights for your projects!

Compact S High Power LED Flood Light, Super Hero for Sports Lighting, is a world-leading solution. Applicable to Televised &non-televised Sport stadiums, Airports, Harbors, Squares, Highways, etc.

Lumiway 3 High Power LED Flood Light, desirable yet economic, is an ideal high power led flood lighting solution that fulfill your budgets and a great option besides Compact S. Applicable to Sports fields, Sea ports, Airports, Squares, Highways, etc.

TRi LED Area Light, born for Street and Area Lighting, is a universal led flood light with various mounting options, precise beam angles, and sleek design. It’s perfect to illuminate parking lots, narrow streets, squares, open areas, and billboards.

Rana LED Flood Light, the Greener &Healthier lighting solution, works well for small sized playgrounds and areas, like basketball courts, tennis courts, parking areas, gardens, etc. Adopting advanced design, Rana is super thin and light, it’s a perfect choice for wholesale channels to cut down the purchasing, transport and storage costs.

Raza LED Flood Light is a modern yet functional luminaire specialized to highlight your billboards and buildings. The reasonable wattage and professional Lens enable Raza the optimum led flood light for advertisement signs, courtyards, parking area and gardens. And the slim size enable it a perfect luminaire for wholesalers.

High quality, super durable, energy-saving and eco-friendly, Yaham LED Flood Lights are always ready for your sports, area, streets, and billboard lighting projects.

Contact Yaham Lighting now, and get your professional flood lighting solution!

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