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Office Lighting

The lighting layout should provide uniform lighting for the entire office area, and the shadows caused by the partition should be considered. These areas need to be adjusted to solve these problems. Office light can have a huge impact on employees’ health and productivity. Some scientific research shows that the working environment under natural light will affect the office worker in many ways. The study found that employee who lacked natural light were more likely to feel tired, have trouble sleeping, be distracted and become less active. If the office does not have Windows or skylights that allow light to pass through, providing normal daylight lighting can bring positive motivation and a raising fighting spirit at work to employees. Under natural light, such as 5000K and 5700K, it can give people a feeling of being in the sun, which makes their emotional and physical benefits. 
At present, the office is mainly worked with computers, so the light on the computer screen should pay more attention. The reflected light will make it very difficult for users to read or work on the computer, and it will also cause eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, double vision, and dryness. Therefore, office lighting needs to follow workplace lighting standards in order to achieve a positive impact of lighting on employee satisfaction and positive mood in the working environment, which will bring more effective results.
The office lighting is to protect the safety and health of all employees, proper lighting can prevent accidents and protect employees’ eyes from injury.

Shopping mall lighting

Shopping mall lighting is considered to be one of the most mature and the fastest growing in LED applications. Shopping mall lighting is not only one of the things that people need to consider when shopping in a mall, but also it has a great influence on the overall mall layout. if you have ever been to a store with poor lighting or strong lighting in the mall, you would find that you will be affected by the light when you will buy. The mall is not just a shopping place, but also an entertainment place for people to relax. Therefore, the lighting demand of shopping malls is also particularly important, not only to consider the display of lights on products, but also to pay attention to the comfort of lights for human eyes. 
The lighting of the shopping mall needs to be refined to the performance parameters and lighting effects of each product according to the specific lighting environment and people-oriented design requirements. The light fixtures not only have the function of lighting, but also affect the display of the product: the CRI is higher, the higher the color reduction of the product. Therefore, most experts believe that commercial lighting is the first general lighting application field of LED lights.

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