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Road lighting not only brings significant safety benefits, but it also takes a big chunk out of the budget for infrastructure operations. with the social development, the roads lighting is included in street lighting/crossroads lighting/highway lighting/square lighting/high pole lighting/walkway lighting and so on. Driving or walking on dark is very troublesome, and if there is not enough lighting, it is even more difficult. High-quality LED street lights can give you a clear view so that you can clearly find potential hazards in time, it makes people feel safe and saves the city money. For different roads/streets lighting, we can provide the professional and economy lighting solutions.

Road lighting

LED street light or road light is LED light fixture that is used for street lighting. LED street light has the advantages of high illuminance, good uniformity and long lifespan, they improve safety of all drivers driving, and reduces traffic accidents and light pollution.

For road lighting, we adopt precise optical light distribution according to different roads. LED street lights product has rich wattage, from 10W to 240W, the light efficiency up to 150lm / W, the color temperature is from 3000K to 5000K, and the CIR is up to Ra80, and can be connected with 15KV surge protector. LED street light can be added with an intelligent control system to realize the unified management of lights, fault reporting, single light control and other functions; and can be connected to NEMA and Zhaga daylight sensor to achieve dimming and midnight dimming functions. Long distance, large traffic volume, fast vehicle service. Large wattage LED street lights are required. The wattage of LED street light should be 150W or above, and TYPE III light distribution should be selected.

we are at the forefront of technological innovation, the LED street light products reduce operating costs, help solve road lighting problems, and can improve the safety and atmosphere of roads and streets in any city or highway.

Municipal Road Lighting

With the deterioration of ecological environment, road lighting in major cities is being reconstruction, municipal road lighting is not only an important part of the city's scene at night, but also undertakes many urban functions, such as ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians at night, creating a comfortable visual environment, improving traffic efficiency, and reducing crime rates, therefore, this is a necessary livelihood project. Street Lighting fixtures have also been replaced from low-efficiency, high-consumption circuit lights to high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly lights. Due to the relatively high efficiency of LED street lights, many of them reach 150lm / W, so municipal roads lighting fixtures usually only need 60W-120W, and requires that the protection level of the light source cavity and the overall lamp should not be lower than IP65. If the area or place with high content of corrosive gas such as acid and alkali in the air should use the led lighting fixtures with good corrosion resistance, the shell should have strong impact resistance and high weather resistance. Besides, the CRI of LED light is usually higher than Ra75, which makes the color of the illuminated object more vivid and realistic, that can help drivers and pedestrians identify targets. What’s the most, the lifespan of LED street light is as long as 100,000 hours (TM-21 L70), which can provide long-lasting and bright lighting. Longer lifespan also means lower maintenance and replacement costs.

Connect the main areas of the city, separate the highways and the sidewalks. The wattage of LED street light should be 150W or above, and TYPE III light distribution should be selected.

Urban and Rural Road Lighting

Urban and rural areas have fundamentally different characteristics in terms of road network density, land use and travel patterns. Urban and rural road safety is a matter of great concern, because most highway fatalities occur on urban and rural roads. Therefore, the construction of urban and rural roads is also very important. Let's focus on road lighting.

Due to the outdoor application of LED street light, the surrounding environment is more complex and has more corrosive substances and dust. Thus, high IP rating of LED street light is needed to cope with complex road environments.  

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the brightness of the road surface, and to control the glare value within the allowable deviation range. Therefore, adopts the secondary optical design of the LED street light, the light distribution can be controlled. The symmetrical batwing distribution helps to improve the average intensity of the street light and the uniformity of lighting, and eliminate the zebra effect on the road. Secondly, the most important thing is to ensure that the illumination meets the local lighting standards and ensure the safety of the lighting fixtures.

Connecting collection roads and residential areas, you can choose TYPE I and TYPE II light distribution according to the road conditions. The wattage is generally below 100W.

solar led street light

Off-grid Road Lighting

There are still many places that are not covered by the grid, but we also need to illuminate them at night to facilitate work and life. For these places, we can use solar street lights to achieve lighting needs.

Solar LED street light is the street light that uses solar energy to generate electricity. It is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than ordinary LED street lights. However, due to the Generation efficiency limitation, the wattage of solar LED street light is generally small, which is more suitable for local road lighting. Solar LED street light is generally divided into solar panel separated LED street light and solar panel integrated LED street lights. 

The installation of solar panel separated street light is complicated, but the solar panels can be adjusted according to the lighting angle of different areas to obtain more solar energy. The wattage of the solar panel separated street light can be larger than the solar street integrated light. Solar panel Integrated street light is easy to install, but the wattage is generally smaller than solar panel separated street light, which is suitable for walkways, sidewalks and paths.

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